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Does anyone here do blood donation with their dogs?

I am in the process of setting up Bruce's first appointment for it. Some of the donor programs will only take blood from universal blood type dogs, others will take anything they can get. You get a lot of free stuff with it too, usually... at least here. All provide a general wellness check, heartworm and tick screening, fecal float and blood typing. Some also provide you with vaccinations, exam with a veterinarian, heartworm prevention and food/treats/toys. Some do it as often as every 4 weeks, others require a few months between donations.

General guidelines (most programs, some differ):
1-5 years old
In good health
Over 25kg (55lbs) with a good body score (so, not a 55lb dog that should weigh 30)
Good temperament
Cooked or kibble diet (some will take raw feeders too)

A few around here:
Blood Donor Program - OVC Health Sciences Centre
Mississauga - Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital & Referral Group - Blood Donor Program
GSNCR Blood Donor Program
Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic

If you're interested in donating but don't know where to, contacting your emergency vet is a good place to start.
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