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Bland diet for dog who had resent surgery to remov

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My almost 2 yr. old neutered male eats rocks, always has. I have muzzled him when he is outside and been very careful but he still seems to find rocks to eat. He has obstructed 4 times and been able to pass them all till yesterday.
He wasn't himself and was vomiting and feeling low so I took him to the vets. Sure enough on the x-rays is a huge rock stuck in his small intestines. 3 feet of intesteins remove and he is feeling better but still at the vets on fluids. He is to come home tomarrow if all goes well. He will need small bland easy to digest meals for a few weeks. Any ideas would be great on what to feed him. He has lost some weight and he is lean to begin with.
I like to know what I can feed him that will be healthy and easy to digest.
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white rice with boiled chicken or hamburg
For variety you can throw in some hard boiled eggs.
Ask your Vet, but for a few days as much as I dislike Iams, they have some prescription foods that have the proteins broken down (easy to digest). Then a bland diet of overcooked white rice and either chicken or hamburger (boiled and drained) in small amounts several times a day (at least 4 times a day).

I had a dog who had a spleen torsion and he was such a tough son of a gun, he didn't tell me he was ill until it was almost to late. His spleen was the size of a basketball and it severally bruised the intestines. He was on IV's for 11 days, yikes talk about weight loss. We did the rice and hamburger diet, we started with 1/4 cup 6 times a day. Then every day or two we increased each feeding by a tablespoon. I know it doesn't sound like much, but the trick is to get some food in without over taxing the system. He would actually tell me when he was ready for more food, one night I had to get up in the middle of the night to feed him.

So ask your Vet, I am sure they will have some recommendations. Like I said I am not a fan of Iams but for a few days to start you boy on some solid but not over taxing the system the stuff works.

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