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Bladder problem in a 3 month old German Sheperd

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Hi, I got a 3 month old sheperd and if she is in the create for 1-2 and u take her out she pees before you can take her out of the create. We take her out every 1-2 hours and she still does it. Could that be a bladder infection or is her bladder just underdeveloped for her age? We got 2 male Altdeutscherschaeferhunde and they are 9 weeks old and they do not have that problem. I need some help here. Thanks
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When you take her out of her crate is she really excited or possibly being submissive.

You could have her checked for UTI, but you might look at behavioral issue also, like an excited peer or submissive peer.
Re: Bladder problem in a 3 month old German Sheper

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Re: Bladder problem in a 3 month old German Sheper

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I think it is more of a submissive/happy pee. She will be walking/running towards the door from the crate and pee at the same time. Like she just can't hold it in. But she doesn't walk around outside constantly trying to pee. It is just as soon as you open the crate door and race for outside she can't hold it. And this is even in a period of 2 hours. We try to make sure all the pups go potty before going in the crate when we leave. They are pretty good about this routine too. The boys have no issue, just KC. I am pretty tired of washing the floors all the time.
Re: Bladder problem in a 3 month old German Sheper

Maybe keep the crate closer to the outside door? Never any water in the crate.

And if it's submissive peeing you need to ignore her PRIOR and during the time you are getting her out of the crate and outdoors.

Here's some articles to help:
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