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Bladder problem in a 3 month old German Sheperd

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Hi, I got a 3 month old sheperd and if she is in the create for 1-2 and u take her out she pees before you can take her out of the create. We take her out every 1-2 hours and she still does it. Could that be a bladder infection or is her bladder just underdeveloped for her age? We got 2 male Altdeutscherschaeferhunde and they are 9 weeks old and they do not have that problem. I need some help here. Thanks
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Could be a bladder infection and that's worth checking out.

When you say she pees before you can get her out of the crate... do you mean she's already peed in there at some point, or she's peeing right when you go to take her out? If she's peeing right then as you're opening the crate, it could be submissive urination, or just overly excited urination.
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