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This is prefectly normal puppy behavior. Puppies and dogs play with one another this way, and they have no way of understanding that what causes no discomfort to another dog can cause damage to people with our more fragile skin and lack of hairy padding.

He'll grow out of it, yes, but it will take a while and it may increase when he starts teeting.

Rolled up newspaper or any other form of hitting is never, EVER and appropriate way to correct a dog. All it will do is damage your relationship with your dog and cause him to fear you.

When he bites you, you first must remain calm. Don't get excited or yell or push him, pull him or hit him. He will interpret those things as you joining the wrestling game he's inviting you to play.

Instead, stop all play with him, go rigid in your body posture and give him a firm "no". Your body language is important here as dogs understand non verbal communication very well and he'll recognize that he has displeased you.

Have lots of nice, soft toys around and always keep one within arms reach, or in your pocket. When he bites you, after you've froze for a moment and told him "no", pull out the toy and engage him in a game with the toy. When he redirects his biting to the toy, play a little tug with him and praise him. He'll soon learn that if he wants to play rough with you, which is natural for a puppy, he needs to use a toy and can only bite the toy, not you.
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