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biting puppy

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I have a 13 week old GSD puppy. His biting is getting out of control and we can't seem to find a way to put an end to it.
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'k, now i know it's a boy and he's bitiing!!! tell me how he's biting and what the circumstances are, like, when does he bite? does he growl first, does he curl his lip? is it when you're "playing" with him?
His biting seems to be his way of playing. He generally goes for the feet and ankles. There doesn't seem to be any aggression involved, but he definitely doesn't want to take "no" for an answer. Once he has been told "no" he backs off, growls and barks, and then comes right back. He is a really sweet natured puppy most of the time, but when he gets himself wound up, look out. Everybody has been bitten in the face at least once.
Look around the forum. This is probably the most common post from new gsd puppy owners. There are several threads going right now about puppies biting. And you're right it is their way of playing.

I always redirect my puppies to a toy. They very quickly learn to take out all that craziness on their toys!
Welcome to the world of GSD puppies..LOL My legs, ankles, arms, have the scars to prove it. When mine did this, I would shove a toy in her mouth to redirect her away from me...if they are busy chewing something else there not chewing on you..LOL I could not walk across the room without my pants leg being attacked. Those little needle teeth hurt, mine stopped biting around 6-7 months, Hang in there, this to shall pass.
I have the same advice: distract, divert attention to a toy. Make sure that you have lots of toys that you can use to engage your puppy. I read somewhere that freezing a puppy toy (not sure which one) helps to numb the gums when the puppy chews on it, which helps to ease the pain of teething.
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I too always had a toy with me. Even now at one year, I keep a pocketful of treats so I can redirect her into a lay down to establish dominance- I also use a toy and/ or just let her play with a stick. She's still tries it- but I am wuick to re-direct of correct.
Hi there, here is what I did, when Jesse got into the puppy hyper moments that you can't seem to control, we put a lead on him and went for a walk. That worked and controlled them. For chasing and biting at ankles etc ( go for a walk) and also redirected him to toys etc and praise him for going for the right thing. By hyper moments (go for a walk) - that was my survival way of handling it.
We are finally getting out of this phase! Max is 6 mo. and he drove us nuts with his biting. We always did redirect and if he was getting really nuts he was put in time out. We would completley seperate him from the family and not let him back in until he was calm. Time outs seem to work the best and that is when he really started to settle down. My husband does have play time with Max where they play rough and Max is learning when it is time to play and time to stop.

Originally Posted By: ricshaw07 Everybody has been bitten in the face at least once.
This is VERY easy to "fix". Keep your face AWAY from the puppies TEETH.
YOu are in such good company with this issue, and so many of us have it with our puppies, we made a sticky called 'bite inhibition' for a reference.

Just click here:
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