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Biting and Itching

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My 1 year old male has recently started biting at an area on his hind leg. It is now to the point where he is removing all of his fur there. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this.

On a side note, we have finally found a food that does not cause him to itch all the time, but now he does this, and only in this one spot.

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hot spot maybe
I would take him to vet just incase he gets it infected
It could be anything dude.

I'd take him to the vet and let them do a skin scraping so they could see if they "see" anything.
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Ya I guess.... I was hoping to figure this out on my own since the local vets like to throw money at issues. (they told my parents that their 11 year old beagle needed a cardiologist)
If you're sure that he doesn't has fleas, it could be a hotspot. Cut the hair off around it for better air circulation and apply a moist teabag of black tea for a couple minutes, several times/day (green tea works too).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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