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Has anybody's dog got bitten on the nose or muzzle? Bees are coming out now that the weather is warming up and wondered if I had to deal with it, what do I do? Tosca is chasing everything. lol.
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Mya is a bug catcher too! We have an apple tree in our yard that brings in lots of bees and fruit flies. She's always snapping away at bees. Sometimes she gets stung mostly on her face. A little benedryl and making sure it stays clean is all i really do. Just like with people (unless highly allergic) most people treat it and go on with their day. They have sprays (any petco or pet supply) that will help with stings/insect bites to help the dogs not to chew or scratch at it. A quick call to the vet to ask how much benedryl is ok for your dogs weight, and then write it down for future reference. The benedryl helps to calm the inflamation and allergy to the sting/bite.

Other than that, i just laugh at her, because its her own dang fault for getting bit, so i laugh then when she comes to me whining and then "mommy makes it better" LOL and out she goes to keep chasing bugs!
Gracie either got stung on the nose or ate a bee that stung in her mouth last year. It was horrible! Her muzzle had all these pencil eraser size hives on it, then then morphed into a huge swollen muzzle and after about 30 minutes, her tongue swelled and turned gray. She started doing the peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth thing with her tongue - I was panicked! We rushed her to the vet. She was given injections immediately (after he listened to her lungs to make sure they were clear) then steroids and antihistamines to take for another week at home.

I keep benadryl on hand if she were to get stung again (she weighs 62 pounds, I am to give her 75 mg and rush her to the vet). I would ask your vet now for appropriate dosage for Tosca if the time comes that he gets stung.
Last year Tessa had a bad allergic reaction to something, and her entire face swelled up with her eyes swollen shut. I raced her to the vet, the tech said she looked like a shar-pei mix. They gave her a shot of steroids and kept her there until closing to make sure she didn't develop problems breathing. Today, we had a similar reaction. Tessa's eyes were swollen shut and her lips were a bit thicker than normal. It wasn't as bad as last year, and I was somewhat calmer about it since she never developed complications last year. I gave her a prednisone and benedryl and have been watching her all day. The swelling has already gone down and is about half what it was when I noticed it. Last year it happened on March 22nd, so the same type of the year as last time. I think I'm going to keep an eye out for it next year!!!

Here is a picture I took after Tessa got home last year. The swelling had gone down a lot by then.

(oh, last year the vet said it was probably from a sting or bite of an insect. Hence me posting here, if that wasn't obvious lol)
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That looks familiar - all that's missing to have made it Gracie is the gray tonge falling out of the sides of her mouth. Yes, I'm sure I'll be much more calm if it happens this year too! I just hope it doesn't. Sending hugs to you and Tessa!
Several bees have already tried to pollinate Rafi today! He must look like a giant strawberry!
He got very excited about the last one and tried to eat it. Every gsd I have had has been obsessed with catching insects! Massie used to go out in the grass and hunt for them. She would spend hours stalking and flushing them out and then chasing them around and eating them! She loved bees! She was stung so many times but only swelled up once (on a backpacking trip in the middle of nowhere) and luckily it went down quickly.
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I guess the best thing to do is keep the lawn mowed short and dandalions to a minimum. I can see this is going to be a tough year. lol.
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