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Big Time Chewer at 12 months Suggestions?

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Just heard from a puppy owner whose dog is turning 12 months old. He is asking for help and describes him as a big time chewer. He gives him pig's ears, chewies, etc.
How do you cope with a dog that wants to chew all the time?
He has another male from me 2 years older, not same breeding pair, that is not an obsessive chewer.
I have suggested more exercise and they will try but time is tight he says.
Thanks for your ideas
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Ava is 2 and she is a big chewer as well. I just make sure she always has something to chew on. I think she has more bones than I do shoes!

I would just make sure everything checks out okay in his mouth (something being stuck, a cut etc.) and if everything is okay then just make sure he has lots of chewies.
Originally Posted By: Crooked CreekI have suggested more exercise and they will try but time is tight he says. Thanks for your ideas
Chances are the dog is wound up and bored. Your advice was sound. You do not need to go on a two hour walk to exercise a dog. In fact, this is why I don't consider walking a great way to exercise athletic dogs. They can go on a five mile walk and not really be tired out.

Tell them to get a long line, and a ball launcher. 15 minutes of two ball or recalls after a retrieve with a ball launcher that gets a ball a good 30-40 yards will blow the dog out and help him settle. If they cannot give 15 minutes out of their day for the dog they should think about rehoming him.
Need to purchas a muzzle

My chewer has eaten the internet cable from the outside of the house. He used his nose to open my 1995 Geo Prizm car and got in and chewed my headliner and a new book. Yes -he ate the air condition buttons/knobbs. He has eaten all the little flowers that have started to grow. He has ate my $50.00 pine tree I just planted. I have planted smaller trees earlier in the May all ate by my ObieJuan . He just does not get it/nor listens. He is a butt poker and loves to tackle children. I ask myself why do I keep him? He looks great and everybody notices us, but now that he is a chewer he lives and runs in the carport area with no grass or trees, but has shade and a little pool.
Obie is 9 months old, we do have fun at the park, fun bike riding, and we go to a large town to visit petsmart. In the meantime I have to work and want to sell my house and I need to plant more trees, I cannot keep him in the carport for ever. I will be placing an order for a dog muzzle, while I am at work. I come home for lunch to check on him, hopefully he can run around the house again. I need a muzzle that he can drink water and be able to bark at passerby's (he does have chew toys, bones, noodles, tires, soccer balls, footballs and gets excercised) HELP ON THE MUZZLE PURCHASE.:help: (Obie does good with my five cats indoors only)
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