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Big Puppy playing with Cat

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Hey people. Just had a quick question. My German shepherd is 6 months old, 75 lbs. Hes really big, but still acts like a puppy, and constantly wants to play. At times he wants to play with my cat who is a year old, but the cat isn't usually interested. What worries me is that my dog will bite the cats head and neck, but not hard, you can tell he just wants to play, but I would like to know if I should stop him from doing this incase one day if he is older, it turns out he doesn't want to play. My cat is pretty aggressive towards other animals, but not my dog, so i worry if it ever happens, he may not defend himself.

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your cat will defend itself if it doesnt want to be bothered with. Mya learned that lesson as a pup, she still has the scar on the tip of her nose to prove it! LOL When you see him around the cat, tell him "easy" or "gentle" in our house its "do nice" with the kitty, and they get the drift. A quick sniff sniff, and a few seconds of pawing at each other and the interaction is done. My dogs usually ignore the cats, but sometimes i can see they are interested in having a few minutes of playtime. So as long as you show him how to be gentle near the cat he should be ok. When he is near the cat you could try being there with him, pet the cat, and encourage him to be calm and gentle. Mya will actually lay down in front of the cat, so she doesnt look so big, its the cutest thing!
Annabelle (GSD 4 years old) does this to one of my cats. She just walks up and puts my cat's whole head in her mouth and walks off. My cat just sits there and shakes off the slobber like nothing happened. lol

I think your kitty will defend itself if he feels threatened. Of course I would always supervise their play just in case it gets to rough.
Cats do have a way of communicating with dogs:) As long as the dog isn't acting like he has a high prey drive and you enforce the kitty is alpha rule your
pack should be fine.
A Great Dane we were fostering would do this to my yorkie... his entire head would disappear. But it was just play and all was cool between them. When one didn't want to play they would bark. I am pretty sure it is the same with your cat.
If you look closely behind the crate in the picture you will see a paw. This paw belongs to my cat, Max, who has just told Mandalay that she is not suppose to be bugging him while he is busy checking out Mandalays crate. LoL.

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We have three cats, junebug our oldest girl, just sits on top of the bookcase and growls at Jackson, he barks at her and trots off...our little girl, Luna will walk up to him and hiss....he wags his tail and barks...our outside girl, Sally will nuzzle him and he licks her face.
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