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BH, OB1 and 3 TT's!

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Well the last two weekends have been great for me and my dogs!

My youngest girl Kessy got her BH and OB1 last weekend. I was hoping to do her Schh1 but her protection and tracking weren't quite ready yet, and about a month before the trial she was not feeling well (diagnosed with Lyme disease) so we missed out on a lot of training

But we managed an 84 on the OB1 - would have been higher but she got up on the long down for the first time least 6 months. She didn't go anywhere but the judge saw her standing. But otherwise she did very well and I was proud!

This weekend I took Djenga, Kessy and my JRT Gizmo to a Temperament Test. I'd never been to one before and since there was one in my area I thought I'd check it out.
It was pretty interesting and more dogs failed than I expected!

My three were fantastic and all passed with flying colors. The judge was very complimentary about their temperaments and how confident they were.

So I'm a proud momma

Here are 2 shots from the BH:
I hope the second isn't too big - it's not letting me resize for some reason...

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Big Congratulations...
Wow, busy, rewarding, productive weekend! Congratulations for all your accomplishments!
Sounds like great weekends, congratulations!!

Hey - You got to trial under Helmut!!! You didn't tell me that!

Good JOB!!!!
I am particualarly proud of Kessy
You are doing great Meghan!

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I wish I knew about the temperament test. I'd love to do that with Gracie. Way to go!!
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I've trialed under Helmut also.. I did Chaos' TR1..
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Congrats!! That is a productive couple of weeks!!
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