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Best Mixed Breed you have owned.

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There was a post on the board that the posted talked about the best mixed breed dog. So I thought it might make an interesting topic.

So what is the best mixed breed dog you have owned. To the best of your knowledge what were the breeds. What made this dog so special.

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<span style="color: #3333FF">My American and German Working Lines German Shepherd!

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She was a GSD/Wolf X. I really can't describe what made her so special to me .... it would be a bunch of stories that wouldn't mean as much to others.

She was beautiful, intelligent like no other dog I knew, loyal yet a free spirit, protective, almost soulful.

I will never forget that heart dog, I couldn't if I wanted to because she is still a part of me.
OK, I will post one of my mixes from the past that was an awesome dog.

This was a pound puppy I got a about 16 weeks old. The was a St.Bernard - Lab mix as close as I could guess. Coat was a mix of the white and sable markings of the bernard with the shorter coat. The head was more like a lab. He topped out at a 165 lbs in his prime. He was kind to women, kids and any young animal (kittens and calves). He would have died to protect me. He would go find my hubby and grab him by the arm and bring him to me on command. He found a calf that wandered away from momma before we could take care of them. He let kittens hang from his ears, attack his tail and check out his teeth. He loved to ear corn on the cob. I have some photos I need to dig up and set my scanner up.

Can't wait to hear from the rest of you guys.
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The Best: My coydog Wolf - smart as a whip, to this day I have not had a dog quite like him.

Most impressive in appearance, my malamute / shepherd mix Blaze. He was a black and white bear and nothing but muscle. I discovered he had a reputation around the 'hood which eventually led to him being stolen right out of my yard
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Growing up we had a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab mix. She was mostly special because she was the only dog we ever owned as children! My dad has never been a real "pet" person.
She was not very cute - small head, big chest - but she was a sweetheart and the nicest dog you could ever want to meet. She also "loved" to be dressed up in clothing!!
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I have a Pitt mix and he is one heck of a dog.
Someone moved and left him, took me 3 days to get him to follow me home. Hot dogs sealed the deal! He is my babysitter when the
grandkids come. Always lets me know when intruders show up. Loves to ride on the golf cart on the seat beside me, and always
ready to defend me.
If I could have 10 more like him you bet I would take them. LOL
Great old dog now, that was 11 years ago that I rescued him.
I just love Sport..
Bo was a true mutt though I'm sure he had a WGSD somewhere in his gene pool mix. He was a good dog, I really miss him. I adopted him when he was somewhere between 7 and 10 years old and lost him three years later to hemangiosarcoma of the spleen (emergency surgery found he was riddled with cancer in all his major organs and had to be put down while still on the table). He went to the Bridge November 28, 2005.
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Bessie; Spaniel / Saint Bernard. Blind in one eye. Heart of a lioness. Died protecting myself and my sister when we were young children.
Without a doubt, My Cinder

She is purebredAussie/Purebred Kelpie

She is my little spitfire of a sheepherder

Last weekend we did a UKC Obedience show - see post under the obedience section.

The judges comments:

"What a fun little dog"

enough said

I love my little "Cinderella"
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My half pint Guinness's even his birthday today Happy 3rd Birthday Guinness!!!!!!!!!!

He is (as far as we can tell) past GSD (We know his mother was one) part Black & Tan coonhound and maybe part beagle. He is ridiculouly funny and always keeps me laughing. He actually SMILES at you when you come home...

He is my teddy bear at night.....he snuggles right up to me and wiggles his way in .....
He was transported up from Tennessee in Feb 2004 at the age of 13 weeks........

He's an awesome addition - that's why I say I have 2 1/2 GSD's
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I met a guy a few years ago that had two dogs, one was a GSD/Coyote mix, the other a GSD/Wolf mix. As I walked into his yard to pick up an Antique Motor I bought from him these dogs came toward me, and I will admit there was bit of fear. But they just watched, never became aggressive.

So now I have paid for the motor and were sitting in this guy's house having a cup of coffee. The dogs are on the floor and allowing me to touch them, never growling or being aggressive. The GSD/Wolf is hugh, the Coyote/GSD much smaller. But after I left I always wondered how this guy could get these mixed breed dogs to be so well behaved. And was convinced if anyone ever hurt this man, those dogs would tear that person apart.
That would be my Hopie :),

She's not very tall, red sable colored, and we think there is Corgi in there, maybe Chow and Sheppie too. My bestest girlie, loves to herd me, LOL!! She's my heart dog, I would be heartbroken if anything happens to her, she's my best bud :). Came from Georgia in November, 2005 at about 5 months old.
Great topic!

Guiness looks too cute

My husband still talks about his childhood dog, a Border Collie Mix (who knows with what). It had a lot of herding instinct. Once a young bird fell out of the tree and Dixie guarded it from the cat.

For me, my one and only Husky/Collie Mix. Ginger. Most agile dog I have ever seen and incredible smart. Also, sometimes a bit nuts

She usually has a curly tail. She is 13.5 years old in the pic. She can still run great but lost most of her hearing.

Anyone else has pic. of their mixes? Would love to see them.
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This guy right here is the best mixed breed dog ever.

His name is Rocket. He is a Collie/Shepherd/who knows what else mix. He awesome because he's smart, sweet, and loyal. He has come back from the brink of death for his family. He knows when I'm hurt and is there to see if I'm ok. He's the best family dog anyone could ever have.

Oh, did mention how handsome he is?
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Rocket looks stunning! I just love mixes.

I forgot to mention that we did sledding/ski joring and agility with Ginger when she was young. She was found a stray and the SPCA picked her up. She had behavioural issues (from abuse) but we worked through all that. About 4 years ago she alerted me when I had put myself accidentally on fire (with an oven mitten which had caught fire at the stove and I pushed the cordless phone onto my shoulder). I didn't notice a thing at first and thanks to my dog's quick response I only had a mini 3rd degree burn, the other's were 2 and 1 (also small area) and healed just fine. My GSD probably would have done the same, but she wasn't there. Anyways, goes to show you how loyal they are and how much they repay you for the little things you do for them... I don't know where we'll find another one like her.
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That's such a tough one! I've seen so many great mixes!

High on the list would be Kira - a Shepherd/Husky or possibly Shepherd/Mal mix. Super smart, sweet, and loyal but without some of Shepherd quirks! My only complaint is that she really did like to pull. In rescue, I have seen over and over that Shepherd/Sleddog mixes tend to make really good dogs. Seems like a lot of the negatives cancel each other out and they're very attractive.

For small breeds, I'm getting increasingly sold on Pom mixes (I never thought I'd see the day...
). I've got two Chi/Poms and a Pek-a-Pom (all former shelter dogs) (2 in foster care and one is mine) and they're all awesome. They have the fun, spunky attitude of a really good Pom but without the weird big hair and they're all pretty rough and tumble (they play with the Shepherds) not shivering little violets, which is the thing that bothers me about a lot of the little guys. We used to think our dog was a Schip mix which gives you some idea of his hair and attitude but having seen a very similar Chi/Pom now we think that's what he is. He's hilarious.
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Originally Posted By: Halen
Oh, did mention how handsome he is?
He is VERY handsome - I love the mottled coat!!!
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When I was in high school a friend had a husky/collie "Rommel". I loved that dog and was able to find a pup w/ the same markings, "Sadie"~WHO LOOKED JUST LIKE GINGER!, but silver! She never grew as large as Rommel but was stunning and lived a good, long life. Now I have Clover, who is a golden / border mix and her temperament is so special. She doesn't have the urge to work all the time but does have a high prey drive. And she is such a pretty girl, even as a senior... Pic's of her on the dogster link.
I can't pick a best. Mine are generally GSD-Northern/Ancient breed mixes including Chow and Schipperke. Not positive about Anna/Ava. Ava (black fuzzy dog) reminds me of BC/Belgian Sheepdog and definitely is at least part herding breed, but could also be part Chow. I enjoy their energy and desire to do their own thing (and it makes me appreciate my GSDs all the more).

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