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Best leads and collars

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What are the best leads and collars for training and everyday use from puppy hood (7 weeks) to adult hood (1yr+)?
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My gut reaction would ones! Because of all the growing, chewing, exploring and getting filthy....
I used a cheap nylon adjustable collar and a nylon leash. When mine were 6 months old I got them their permanent collars (Bison Designs) and at some point, a leather leash. Keefer even used Dena's hand-me-down collar and leash until he was too big for it.
Originally Posted By: Cassidys MomI used a cheap nylon adjustable collar and a nylon leash.
That is what I use for Lancer. When he outgrows those, he will be using Kayla's old collar. And I have variety of leather leashes - type and length to use when we exhaust the usefulness of the current nylon leash, which i expect to be well before he turns 1.
Thanks for inputs. I'm putting in an order on Petedge or with a friend of mine. We buy in bulk every now and then and I just wanted to get a few items that I could use now and in the future.
I use only leather leashes for my dogs. I've had one too many nylon burns in the past.

I like the leather for it's feel, wear and ability to grab it tight while it's running through your hand without getting burned!
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Nylon ribbom - $0.99-$1.99 a yard (any fabirc store)
Snap hooks - ~$3 (Home depot etc..)

Your custom legnth leaches - priceless.
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I used nylon until 1 yr old and then to leather for their big girl collers.
Leather lead from the get-go here. It's a lot like cotton lead rope for horses - if you've ever had nylon pulled through your hands you'll know why. Leather is much friendlier to your hands, it feels better and it doesn't burn or cut.

Collars - gad. Eldest would chew her own collar off, then @ 3yo I got the youngest - who took over chewing them off. I went with cheap nylon after trying three that were guaranteed even for chewing. Once Barker the Younger gave up chewing off Barker the Elder's collar, I went to rolled leather. Plus an assortment of other collars - a couple for obedience trials, a couple of silly ones that were on sale and I couldn't resist.
I only use leather leashes/prong collar with my shepherd & shepherd mix & a harness/leather leash with my lab chow mix.
I use nothing but leather or beata (synthetic) - I get custom handmade leads from an Amish harness maker, flat collars for pups, and have the longlines made from a horse person, I will not TOUCH a nylon lead or line!!! even before beata, I had long lines made with 6-8 feet of leather and then had a cotton lunge line or 25 feet of nylon sewn onto the leather - so I had a leather line in my hand for most of the work...

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