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Best Dog Seatbelt (Update on Champion)

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The Family Vet Blog: Champion Canine Seat Belt System

Apparently the best link for getting these items that will save your dogs life in an accident (come on, we belt up our kids but leave our dogs loose?) is now USA K9 Outfitters

So add it to your favorites when your friends/neighbors/forum mates ask!

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I use that one - it's SO much more heavy duty than any others I've seen. I used that site to order mine as well.
Just bought the Survivor Big Dog system, regular size, for my 55lb puppy. Fits perfectly, and is super heavy-duty. I love it, I can drive knowing he and I are both safe.

Although, I must admit, I bought the seat belt more for my safety than his(I'm not saying I don't care deeply for my boy, I do!). It wouldn't feel good to get hit with 1200lbs++ of flying dog if I ever got in a crash.

Be patient if you order. Email if you need a status update. My order took 3 weeks to receive.
I also just bought one from the site you posted. Did it take you guys long to receive yours? It's been almost two weeks. I also ordered a seat cover.
Have they worked out their shipping issues yet?

I bought some things from them a while back and hard the hardest dang time getting my orders AND getting a hold of them. I think it took something like three emails (which were all ignored) and two phone calls (one of which was eventually returned - at 9:30pm!) before I got my order. That's after waiting several weeks.

If their ordering issues have not improved, be aware you really need to keep on them to get your stuff. CALL them, don't email.
I don't know if they worked out their shipping issues yet, But I emailed them this morning because I accidentally ordered two larges when I only needed one and I got a response back this afternoon. They said it would take 2 weeks for my order to arrive we'll see if that's the case though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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