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Berwick, PA Female Beauty owners moving Sat :(

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Emailed this today - please help!

From: Montgomery Robin
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 6:01 PM
Subject: Fwd: Photos of 3 year old Purebred German Shepherd -Foster/Adopter/Rescue Needed Immediately


Berwick area, owners moving to Arizona on Saturday (nothing like advanced PLANNING huh???). Not spayed (she had puppies on Halloween), reportedly good with children, cats and other dogs. I will be stopping by today to get photos, but have not a single space in my home to hold on to her. If anyone can foster, adopt, or take her into rescue, please let me know.

Shannon Talanca
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Sorry having a hard time posting photos - PM me and will pass them on if you can post - thanks
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I pmd you and also talked to Shannon.....I may have a qualified adopter!
Thank you Mary Ann for posting her

Fingers crossed Camp Pappy, keep me up to date - the last picture just gets to me.
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Tina just talked to Shannon at Straysave. Shannon has the dog in a foster home already tonight! Tina is going to meet her on Friday. It sounds like a good match....I'm sponsoring the spay so that's a done deal! I'm still trying to find out her name.

Is that the longest tongue you've ever seen??
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Sorry, ToFree24, I was stuck at work and just got your e-mail. I'm glad she is safe!
That's ok Strana1, thank you for your offer -- I am so happy she is safe. What a real fur baby she is - bet she would love a baby pool to play in with that fur

So happy Tina will meet her, she looks like such a sweetie. What a smile and your right look at that tongue

Fingers crossed things go great on Friday - let me know, thanks for your help
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She is in her new home and checking everything out.....including the cats! She is not too well socialized and everything is new to her. Shannon (Straysave) had her vetted this morning and she is up to date on all her shots. Will be spayed as soon as she settles in.

Her name had been Jersey and will be changed to probably Heidi. Tina says she is beautiful and sweet. Thanks to Shannon for all her hard work and to Mike and Tina for adopting her. I'm their contact person if they have any questions.

Another great save!!
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Got a call from Tina last night. Heidi is doing great...they love her. She has very little house experience, but she's getting used to it. She didn't understand the stairs at all, but finally made her way upstairs. But THEN, Tina and Mike had a heck of a time teaching her how to come down! Tomorrow will be her first day at home while they are at work.....hope that goes well!
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Please thank them for me for saving her, with their love and understanding Heidi will bring them great joy & love also
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I will thank them.....but I think they'd rather thank everyone else for bringing her to them!!

Heidi continues to do well. Last week Tina was off Monday and was a little nervous about going back to work and leaving her. She was accidents, no chewing nothing. She has warmed up to Mike, learned to do the steps and will get in the car with treats. She wouldn't get in when they were taking her to the park for a walk.....poor girl probably thought she was being taken back!!

Spay is scheduled for July 10th. I haven't met Heidi yet, but will see her July 4th weekend when they come up to camp out for the weekend. I'll post pictures.

Thanks go to Shannon at Pa. Stray Save in Berwick, who pulled her from the home.
Heidi brought her new mom and dad up to visit us this weekend! They are staying in our cabin for the weekend and Heidi is having a great time. This is the first time I got to meet her....what a GREAT girl she is. They are so amazed at how quickly she's learned everything. She was great with our 4 GSDs. Heidi is very bonded to Tina but loves to play with Mike and lay on the couch with him. She was off leash, playing with the other dogs and running and chasing bunnies........listens very well. This is a very happy ending for Heidi.


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Wow...she's a beautiful girl...what a happy ending
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