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Berserker, 11 weeks old. How can I calm him down ?

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Odin is a typical berserker when he gets excited and playful. He runs from one side of the garden to the other, plays ball with us, then goes to his eating all you can see affair and plays a bit. When we call for him he half the time comes and sits down all good.

Now, after 30 mins, even more, we go inside and he still does not calm down. Tries to jump around like a rabbit, bites this and that, breathes heavily, drinks a lot, toddles around.....

Question, can I just put him in the crate under such a circumstance for 30 mins for him to calm down ?? It seems, the crate is the only place he can calm down fast, so is it fair from me to use that as an advantage ? I am planning on leaving him now for about 40 minutes and then I go out again with him.
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Crates are great for your sanity and his. Time outs need not be considered punishment. He will come to accept the crate as his cave. If you can drape a blanket or tarp over it
to give him that feeling of security, it might help. Worked for me.
You can see in my album a picture of Abby laying on top of her crate.

As I write this she is asleep on top of her crate.
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