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For those of you who helped get Belle to her new home by driving or crossposting or just offering Moral Support, here is a note from her new mom:
Quote: <span style="color: #CC33CC">
This is to everybody who had no small part in getting Belle to me. I'd like to include all of the drivers that were on the list as of 07-11-08: BJ & Dawn, Debbie, Cate, Toni & Debbie, Joyce, Jean, and all of you whose names were not on the list. To Dawn who fostered Belle for over the past year,(Remember I am taking good care of her) To Traci for the home visit (long drive for a fifteen minute visit) To Sheri who planned and coordinated all of the multiple drivers, (small world, I have fist cousins in your area) Then of course to Belle herself! She has settled in well with my retriever-Burmese-Collie mix, and myself. I am calling her Belle Shannon in nod to my Irish roots. She met Shoneah with a wagging tail! They ran around my yard getting to know each other. They smiled and nuzzled muzzles, it was cute. Then we all came inside my house. She quickly gulped all the water in both bowls! I walked her around to show her the various rooms and of course the dog gates! I couldn't take my eyes off her. So tall and very regal, The three of us just kept looking at each other. Since she is thin I fed her lunch and dinner on that Sunday. They only squabbled about food once. She is quite the Velcro dog, yet she is learning I do come back in the house and I also get out of the shower. Sometimes she has to come and check. After dinner that night I sat down on the floor with my back against the couch. I had my jazz music on the local radio station, they both came over to be petted. They both layed down on either side of me. Then they put their heads in my lap, muzzles touching and dozed. As the tears came gently down my face, I realized my house was once again a home and our pack was now complete! A hug and thank you, go out to all of you who helped make this happen! Thank you very much!! Cindy</span>
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