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Bella has a bit of an aggression issue.

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I started obedience with Bella, my purebred GSD, who is now one year old, and the first week she was great. Then, the second week, she started lunging at dogs, and barking. Every once in a while, the hair on her back would stand. (Not that that means much, the hair on her back stands when she's play sometimes.)

Now, we've been in classes for 5 weeks, and just last week it seemed like the aggression was getting better. She was still lunging, but not as hard - before it felt like she had broken ribs (I'm using a handsfree leash) - and wasn't barking, or trying for as long... Then my trainer calls and says Bella bit a Golden Retriever. I know Bella DID get in the face of the golden, because the handler didn't give me time to grab Bella, but if anyone bit anyone, I'm 90% sure it was the golden who bit Bella... Anywho, now Bella has to wear a muzzle... *sigh*...

I've never delt with a German Shepherd, or an aggressive dog, so for me to have both, together, it's stressing me out quite a bit...

Tomorrow, at 4:30, we'll be going in for one-on-one classes. Just myself, Bella, my trainer and a dog she knows won't react when Bella gets reactive. She really thinks her method will work (Walking the dogs, and when Bella starts to react, stopping her, and waiting until she calms down, then putting the dog away)...

Anywho, anyone have any tips? I'm so stressed out with it all.
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