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Because I'm board and eveyone loves pictures...(picture heavy)

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My new favorite (taken today, 18weeks old)

first time in the pool

When I look at this picture I can't believe how much her coat has changed over the last 4 weeks!

Sleepy time

favorite spot :0)

Loves pillows!

and last, this box had bully sticks in it, when we got in the car she went to take one and I told her "leave it" she was so good, she never tried again but she did sit just like this staring at the the whole 30 minute ride home...of course I gave her one when we got in the house!

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So cute!!! I love the car seat picture!
Love them! I am not sure which is my fav but I love sleeping pups. They are sooooo cute!
Sleeping pups, swimming pups, pups wearing clothes - all cute! :)
Thanks for taking the time to look! If you think I have a lot of puppy pictures you should see how many I have of my kids!!!!
Gorgeous girl!! Love the pics and you are right everyone does love pictures!
She's got quite the life! Great pictures, she's a gorgeous girl
She's got quite the life! Great pictures, she's a gorgeous girl
She has to pay the price to have a pampered life...she's just lucky she doesn't fit into the girls build-a-bear outfits anymore LOL
Love the pic's but gotta ask was the sleeping picture with your wife/girlfriend/daughter staged? That is so cool. Blitz has learned finally when its time to sleep it means rest and no more play (I am so happy about this). He is still getting used to this body thats still growing and he can jump up on the bed with no problems although unlike his brothers he still lands on me. It can hurt some times with a 40+ lb puppy at full speed coming to a quick stop on your body while you trying to sleep....
No, not staged at all! That's me in the picture, my husband took it one night we let her sleep in the bed (she did for the first month we had her) I fell or should I say we fell asleep before him so that why the picture is kind of dark. Since our Blitz has turned 4 months we have been having her sleep on a bed next to her bed cause I figure it will be harder to break as she gets older and she is learning to ask before getting up on the bed.
Beautiful Pup!!!
Wonderful pics my friend! Now I want to come swimming! LOL.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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