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Hi all, I've begun my search for the right breeder (and therefore the right dog) and stumbled upon this breed, The Beauceron...a French herding dog. After speaking with some breeders (I've never met one in person) I was told that they're just like GSD's. Anyone know anything about them? How their drives are? Personalities? Would you say they're similar to GSD's?
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this may help

in my opinion (altho i've never had one) i would say that u are pretty much getting the same "package" whether u get a GSD or a Beauceron
I really like Beauce's and used to have a lot of links that have since gone into the recycle bin. They are nice dogs and GSD like. The few people I know that own them were all former GSD owners and left the breed due to health issues being on the rise.

That being said, while they are GSD like, there is nothing really like a GSD. If I couldn't own GSDs for whatever reason, they'd be at the top of my list. But since I can ...
I was just reading about them in Dogworld magazine
they look like a mix GSD and Dobe.
They said they have a high drive and lots of energy.
Beautiful dogs
The ones I've met (and there haven't been a lot) have had a temperament more like a combination of GSD and Rottie rather than GSD/Dobie (I know the comment referred to the appearance, just saying). They were all very confident, very serious dogs. No flightiness, no spookiness, but very purposeful and take charge.

I love 'em. They're definitely on my "dogs I want" list because of the lower incidence of health issues and I just like their personalities.

It's a stupid thing but I wish their ears were different. Either naturally pointy or naturally floppy. I don't like cropping but I also don't like uncropped ears that look like they ought to be. I have the same issue with Danes.

Cool dogs though.
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Originally Posted By: littledmc.....they look like a mix GSD and Dobe.
I have one!
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I was looking into beauceron's a few years ago,,the ones I met (at rare breed shows at the time),,were "ok"..(I liked their looks) their temperaments weren't what I really wanted..

The really good beaucie breeders are a tight lot, and were very particular about where their dogs went, (which isn't a bad thing)..
I guess why I stick with my gsd's,,because the beaucies were more serious than my gsd's,,(and I've got some serious gsd's),,kinda hard to explain,,another thing was, there were really no good breeders in my area..
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