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Maybe the moon is getting full. The 4.5 dogs present were in rare form tonight.

Joy was pretty good. I mean, her heeling wasn't stellar, but what do you want from a dog that has been on vacation for the past 2.5 years. Her sits were good, her stand for exam was awesome, her downs were good too.

But recall was another story.

Up first was a golden being handled by one of the Obedience Sisters, who normally works with a Dobe. Anyhow, he recalled just fine when he was facing the woods, but when he was facing the rest of the class lounging in lawn chairs, he saw the .5 dog (a little mini-Dachsund that came 1/2 way through the class) entering the yard. Well, he totally ignored the lady handling him and came rushing for the gate.

Since we were in between, he saw the ridgeback pup and Joy and changed directions. I used my foot to steer him away from Joy and into me, where I could grab his collar. So she put him on a line and continued.

The next lady went up and did ok with her GR. The guy in the class did ok with the Ridgeback -- she's a pup, and growled several times today.

And then there was me and Joy. I was offered the long line and declined because my dogs ALWAYS come to me. And in all fairness, she DID come to me, and she sat in front. Good girl. That was her cue to jump all over me. Uhg! So I backed up and had her come again, and this time did not praise when she got in front of me but told her to finish. She did. Her but barely scraped the grass when she bounded up and made a bee-line for the group of chairs and dogs.

I ran the other way and whooped and called, and she changed her direction mid-stream and came back to me. This is exactly why we should always be understanding when others have their dogs act up in training classes. One day that might be you.

Anyhow, because she came to me, and I cought her collar, I praised her.

And, the end of the classe was a mini obedience test, where we heeled on lead -- getting better, then figure eight -- ok, and then stand for exam -- good girl, then recall (on lead) good, and then a down in the middle of the yard while I walked around the outer edge of where we were working in a huge square. The instructor stood on her lead, but she needn't have, or Joy could tell she was, as she did not move a muscle.

All in all a good day of training. Very pleased with my little girl.
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