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I wanted to share some exciting news. Bearla has been having serious issues with fear aggression when it comes to vets and i habe been working really hard with her but up until i changed a few things nothing seemsed to help.

First thing i think that helped? A new neighbor has a
German sheperd which i have been introducing Bearla too pretty often.

2. We have been taking her to the vet frequently (every other day or so) to weigh her and get her use to the clinic and being around strangers in there other animals.

3. WE STOPPED going to the behaviorst due to its distance from us and my health.

4. Jan Fennels Amichen training.

5. Patience, love and homemade jerky.

6. Halti head collar attached to her choke chain.

the combination seems to be working because we took her in yesterday and weighed her without incidence. when we were first walking in she began to pick up on my stress when i seen the amount of dog s in there so i forced myself to relax before we went right in. I took her right over to the toys and treat wall to look at them. the girls that work there kept calling over to her and talking to her. One in particular named Cathy was actually able to come up to her with a treat and a yellow duck and give it too her when i said it was okay. BEARLA OFFERED HER PAW!

My girl didnt try to rip her hand off, growl or bring her hackles up!

I began speaking to a guy that was standing off to the side of the other dogs with a GSD that looked like it was really not impressed to be there. To make a long story short, we began slowly moving our two closer together to see what would happen.
They ended up lightly licking each others noses and then turned and sat beside each other staring at the other dogs. the receptionist thought it was rather humorous and said the look on their faces was like they were saying 'hey, look, we are royal, and you guys are all measly mutts." lol
when bearlas name was called to go in to have her ears re checked, she walked past the other dogs with her hackles up and a very low growl. i pulled up on her collar and said no. When the vet came in she was able to examine Bearla WITHOUT being growled or snapped at. The vet said part of the sudden change is that i stopped taking her to the behaviorist and started introducing her to new dogs, GSD and otherwise plus bringing her in to be weighed so much. she said that the positive reinforcement, (treats), teaching ehr that vets are NOT always going to hurt you, and being patient made the most change in such a short time. She also said the amichen bonding training had also showed Bearla that she doesnt have to worry, that i will do the worrying for her.
She also said that using the halti to correct her head movements and remind her to look ahead instead of to her side if she became upset.

Im going to keep up the training and desensitization. Its doing in a short time what i have not been able to do in years

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Your post gives me hope for my Lady Jane. She freaks out at the vet. They don't like her (last time we were there I could the assistant say to the vet that she's a bad dog) and she doesn't like them.

My daughter is on her way to the libarary to get Jan Fennels' book. And then we're going to change vets.

I'm very happy for you and Bearla.

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Great job Bearla
You and mom are an inspiration to us!
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