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bearla tried to eat the new vet,

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i am really upset.  i know people are going to say, that bearla did what she did because she has been through alot with vets and our recent move, the addition of her half sister to our family (who lives with my kids), the loss of her kitten, etc.  She has been increasingly irritable with our \pitbull and her half sister.  if hey go near her head she flips out on them.  if they go near her baby doll (teddy bear she has had for 3 yrs.)  my grandbaby (she protects with everything she has, she loves the baby even though the baby pulls on her ears, tail or hugs her to death.  Bearla has been shaking her head again and scratching at her ears so i had to switch vets.  Dr Kadri the vet that bearla liked and trusted is gone from willowdale animal hospital and no one knows where he is or wont say.  we transfered her to westside animal hospital, we filled the vet in about bearlas fears and the issues that she has had with vets and animal hospitals.  she spent time with Bearla before the appointment playing with a lazer light, offering her treats and even gave her a new teddy.  During the appointment, i was glad we had a bucket muzzle on her.  The vet leaned over and was checking her ear when bearla suddenly turned her head snarling and snapping.  it scared the **** out of me and shocked my DH.  The vet wasnt fazed a bit!i told her off and put her back in a down position.  the vet said it was a result of her ear being sore.  she has a ear infection AGAIN.  she had never had one until this winter.  now she has had 3.  the vet said it is because she likes to snow dive.  the snow is dirty due to pollutions and get s in their ears and can infect them.  she also said that some of the dust from the reconstruction may have irritated them.  im sorry but i dont find that a acceptable reason.  Bearla has been irritable with the other dogs as well. i thought at first it was the things she has dealt with but her temper or mood shall we say has only been like this since she has been shaking her head.  i can understand her not feeling well.  with ear problems myself i know how irritable i get but it really scared me.  Bearla is normally a loving animal.  this is a side i dont ever want to see anymore and hope that i never do again.  the vet told me i had nothing to worry about but still.  the vet came outside with us when we were leaving and Bearla was suddenly a different dog.  It blew me away.  She was playing with the vet, giving her kisses etc.  i felt a bit better because the vet had shown us that it was the inside of the clinic and smell that had been scaring her.  i dont know how to handle this fear aggression though.  it has to stop.when we got back to my daughters, the puppy seen bearla coming and automatically ran to play with her.  Bearla started growling at the poor thing within seconds.   We had to try to keep the pup away from her ears because i realize they were sore.  Bearla is really not herself.  I feel so torn!  does anyone have any ideas as to what to do with her.  bearla will be going back once a week in order to get her use to the vets office.  i am planning on keeping her away from the pup until she is feeling better.  i am trying to keep old man pit away from her too.  i dont know what else to do,
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The only advice I can offer is to keep her seperated until her ear(s) heal up. I wouldn't call this fear aggression, I would call it pain aggression. There's more to an ear infection than just pain though, the loss of equalibrium is very frustrating. I think your pup is just fine.

As far as vet anxiety, I've had dogs that never would get comfy at the vet. The smell, the yelping, and the tension that owners unknowingly pass on to thier dogs.

You can try this too; Next time you go to the vet check YOUR body language. Are your shoulders slumped more than usual? Do you have an anxious look on your face? Are you putting extra tension on the leash? Relax, stand tall, and lead. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't...but I would start there.

Good luck and post updates!
you have a point about the owner body languarge you know. when i have to take her i feel tense all the way and im preparing myself for trouble before i even get there.
the fear aggression i though may have been Bearla suddenly trying to eat the vet. God was i scared. i have never ever seen her act that way. one minute the vet is kissing her on the top of her head and she is relaxed, the next, the vet is examining her right ear and she is snarling and snapping. had bearla not had the muzzle on, she would have bitten the vet. that scares me.
There is an older post called Timber and the Vet, and if you can access it give it a read.

My dog Timber, had surgery, and after that had no time for the vet. So we worked out a plan that called for frequent visits to the vet's office, just to re-acclimate him to the office. It helped a great deal.
our new vet suggested that to DH. hopefully it helps. what shocked me as well was as i said, when we were outside the animal hospital she was fine with the vet and even gave paw. inside she played with her with a lazer light. it was just during the exam she flipped!
inside the hospital though bearla barked viciously at everyone including a woman who came in with her cat.
outside she was so much different.
as for her sister and her, i am keeping them apart until bearla is feeling better. there is nothing worse for sore ears than a puppy who jumps and tugs at them.

bearlas sis is 8 months old but only comes to bearlas tummy (her shoulders come to bearlas belly. she is smal for her age but that could be because she is a runt. the vet thinks she is healthy as a horse, just small and Bearla overly large, lol

bearla weighed in at a heifty 105 lbs! the vet thinks that at her height and body structure that is okay as long as she doesnt get any wider. she has put on some weight since she was spayed. She is constantly on the go though. at least until this ear infection. once she feels better she will be all over the place again, lol
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Your comments regarding the vet are precisely the way Timber acted. My place is actually a clinic with four vets. In the receptionn area the dog was fine and got along well with the receptionists. In the examing room he became aggressive and my vet was a bit leery.

So we started our planned re-hab program. Frequent visits, eventually including visits to the examining room. I also requested the vet remove his white doctor's jacket which he willingly did.

As I mentioned, it has helped a great deal.
hey bearlas mom, hopefully you're satisfied w/the new vet. dr. kadri was at downtown animal hospital (church and isabella) in late october....i would bet he's still there. it's part of the same chain as willowdale (so will have some of the same issues as i know you've mentioned before w/willowdale).
Hi Jarn
I called about that thanks. But apparently he is gone. Im hoping that he is going to do what the vet college said when i contacted them and open his own clinic. Bearla went to see the new vet again this morning with DH but to have a snack and get a new toy.

the vet met them outside and played with her and DH and then they went in. Bearla growled alot and barked at everyone else and the other patients parents but calmed as soon as they walked outside with the vet again. Bearla allowed the vet to rub her ears so i guess the pain is going away. She didnt try to eat her at least outside. Dr Kadri had a special way with her too. personally i think it was the jerky, lol
Westside animal hospital is really nice but i dont think that they have the 24 hr service that is avail with willowdale or downtown hospital. hopefully bearla never has to go in over night or have any more surgery. Her new vet said that she is going to put Bearla on a vWD study program that she is doing with Guelph vet college
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