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Bearla keeps dry heaving

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Have you ever had a feeling that something was very wrong and then acted on it and found out it was true? Today at work, something told me to get home, that something was wrong with Bearla. I could almost see and hear her wimpering. i had DH bring me home and when we got here, Bearla did not tackle us at the door the way she usually does. When i sat on the couch, she came to me slowly, and put her head in my lap. She started to doze off and then suddenly started dry heaving so violently that she would crumble to the ground every time. i was horrified and the first thing i thought of was bloat, we had lost our old wolf to it before we got bearla. i got some beano into her and we took her to the vet. it turned out that she did not have torsion but they got alot of gas out of her belly. i have to watch her for a few days closely.

her food is restricted, not that she cares. i am getting her to drink but that is about it. is there anything, anything at all that you all know about taht i can do to help her. im really really worried about her. The only good thing is that its not torsion. She is still dry heaving and bringing up bile at times. the vet told me just to keep her quiet and bring her back if she worsens. With all the experts on this forum, one of you has to know something i can do for her. Ice cubes help her a bit i think, at least to get fluid into her. Im keeping her quiet as well. They tested her to see if there was any poison in her system, because there have been issues of poisoning in the city but luckily that is not it. most of the blood panel will not be back until tomorrow. the vet said it seemed to them that it is a mild case of bloat. i have never heard of this $#[email protected] disease or ailment being mild and i dont want to loose my baby girl. is there anything that can be done to stop this! the vet said she thinks it will work itself out that we caught it intime. im still worrying. is there anything we can do?
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ANYONE? I READ your response on bloat tiger about the accupuncture and i have a chiropractor that i know coming over to take a shot at it. someone just tell me that nothing bad is gonna come of it all and that bloat or belly issues can be turned around
If I'm not mistaken there's a "bloat prevention" surgery. I don't know who is a canditate for it though. Don't know the name of it either.

The vet told me that Maiya will never bloat due to the fact her feeding tube has caused her stomach to attatch her abdominal wall. I would assume that would be the goal in surgery?

I don't know and I'm sure someone will chime in with more info. I just wanted to say I'm glad she is ok and it's a good thing you got home when you did!!
What about the gastroplexy surgery that they do for dogs who are likely to bloat?

I don't know how good this article is:

Or this one!

But it's something to consider. Is she already spayed? Because that would be a good time to do it if not.
She was spayed very young. that is how we unfortunately found out taht she has vWD. WHILE SHE WAS ON THE TABLE. horible way to find out. poor baby girl, she has been through heck and back. im going to check out the sites right now, than you jean
several years ago cinderfella began exhibiting the symptoms of restlessness, vomiting, diarrhea...then trying to vomit and defecate without success. at the animal emergency clinic radiographs showed air and gas in a distended stomach. they used a tube (through mouth) to allow the gas/air to escape and we brought him home, expecting him not to recover. but he did FULLY RECOVER and i am surely hoping it's the same for dear bearla.

i believe they said he did not have "torsion" where the stomach flips and seals off the ends, but only "bloat" where the stomach is filled with air and gas. we never knew what caused it...and i should make it a point to know more about this terrible illness which is so prevalent in shepherds.

so, even though i cannot add much in the way of knowledge of the disease here, i did want to tell you that i had a dog who absolutely recovered and is still hangin' in at 13 yrs (cinderfella is a shepherd, lab, chow mix...and a tuff old bird).

we are all wishing for the very best for bearla and sending her good thoughts from michigan...

take good care, many blessings,
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Originally Posted By: bearlasmomShe was spayed very young. that is how we unfortunately found out taht she has vWD. WHILE SHE WAS ON THE TABLE. horible way to find out. poor baby girl, she has been through heck and back. im going to check out the sites right now, than you jean
I remember that. Poor baby

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I have ZERO experience with bloat so I can't really help. But my thoughts are with you. I hope Bearla pulls through this just fine.
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I hope Bearla is doing ok. Did they say to continue to give Gas X?
Originally Posted By: JeanKBBMMMAANThat's right-I remember that vWD part very well. So can she have surgery again or how does that work?
hi jean, sorry it took so long getting back to you, bearla has been throwing up and whining alot.
The vet was thinking of doing some kind of surgery to prevent a torsion but with the blood ailment, even if they medicate before hand, there is a chance that she could bleed heavily or out. she doesnt want to do the surgery unless she has too because the cure as she put it, could be worse the blating. She thinks that she may be okay because bearla has always been 'pre treated' so too speak in the sense that her bowls have always been on the floor, she has always been on a special science diet food for dogs with stomach problems and i watch every single thing that goes in her mouth. At least when im around. no one is fessing up to feeding her anything that i do not feel is not on the diet i have posted on the fridge. but then again, everyone around here knows id flip if they broke her diet at all.
kathrine, thank you im keeping your boy in mind and hoping that things work out for our girl. I have to continue giving her gasx or beano for the next 3 to 4 days. They had used the tube down her throat to relieve the gas. poor girl and just when she efor the support. Bearla has been through alot hasnt she. the vWD scare when she had the emergency spay, transfusions, surgery for a sepsis after her microchip was implanted and then when she was bitten as a pup by another dog. Then bruising when she was playing rough with the son in law and DH up north. Ear infections her continued issues with her deformed labia. NOW THIS. poor angel. Yet the tail still goes when she sees me come back in the room or sit on the couch beside her. The grandbaby came by and Bearla seemed cheery about that. She managed a few licks anyway, lol. im keeping my fingers crossed that she has a good night.
bearla had a rough night last night. i had to give her more beano during the night because she was uncomfortable and her belly seemed distended. she seems to have a bit of a fever. she is going to do more blood work today. what concerns me is that bearla actually seemed to be having a seizure a couple of times. she slept on our bed last night and i was awakened to her body shaking violently. i called her vet who said it may be a bit of the fever that she has. has anyone ever experienced this with a ailment like this. she has had a few other episodes this morning. i decided to work here at home on my lap top with her today to keep her quiet. i didnt want to take her over to the office because her sis would be there and jump all over her. all she wants to do anyway is lay here on the couch beside me with her head on her rose pillow. she doesnt want toe at but will drink if i coax her. god these dog can worry us as much as a child. im hoping that this is just something mild. maybe a virus?
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Bumping this up so more people read and offer support... ((((Bearla)))) Here is wishing and hoping for a very easy vet visit-- with answers and a good gameplan for helping Bearla come through this. Hoping this turns out to be a relatively simple, temporary glitch, a little canine bug that is just going around. Glad that you have the Gas-x though! May Bearla have an easy morning and a better day. She is so lucky to have such a great, smart, caring Mom staying home with her!
thank you patti
i appreciate it. keep your fingers crossed, we are heading out with her in a minute to the vet. we had to move the appointment up because she had another seizure.
will let you know asap
I have no input other than to say I hope it's not serious and she gets well very soon!
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Sure hope Bearla feels better soon. Please let us know how she is doing.
Poor Bearla! And I feel sorry for you as well because of all the worry this is causing. I'm sitting here with Heidi, worrying about her as well because of her similar problems. Thanks so much for replying to my message even though you're going through this with Bearla. I hope that your vet visit goes well and that they can find out what's wrong and help her get over it.
we just got back from the vet everyone. first off, Karin how is you baby heidI? im stll saying prayers for her.
i expected a battle going to the vet with bearla but it was unnecessary. she walked slowly in with head and tail down. when they were examining her, the vet was able to take off her muzzle and even kiss the top of her head without getting a growl. she made a objection sound but that was it. The blood work showed she is anemic and due to the vWD they did a blood top up. the ultrasound shows taht the gas is backing off. she is still vomiting. they performed a t3 and t4 test again. apparently the first one was off a bit and they wanted to recheck it. the vet thinks the seizure was her fever (104) they gave her an iv of fluids along with the blood and she didnt even bother to object then. it is breaking my heart seeing her like this. the vet also thinks that bearla may have ben battling with our pit bull again while we were not home, because of the anemia and the fact athat she has not been seen getting hurt recently. bearla and her brother (pitbull) have not been getting along the past few weeks. he had the nerve to growl at my grand daughter a few wks back and the two dogs have not been getting along since. bearla has become very protective of us all when he is in the room. if i raise my voice to him for doing something wrong, she automatically jumps on him sending him flying. i dont know what im going to do with him. the vet will call me back when the rest of the tests come back. Patti, i mentioned the virus you were talking about to the vet. she is doing alot of blood work and said if she has one it will show up. in the meantime because her nose is a bit runny and she is so sleepy and laid back, the vet put her on antibiotics and other meds to protect her immune system, especialy given that transfusion. she did not need all that much which was really good. in the mean time i am keeping her very quiet. the vet told me not to force her to eat and to give her a call if i ned her. karin im still saying prayers hon, i know how rough it is too worry about them. i have to believe taht we GSD owners really do treat our babies like our human babies.
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This is just so trying for all of you. I'm just somebody else hoping for the best.

Given Bearla's many conditions, this may not be the best advice-but do you think she could tolerate some warm broth? It's hard to take many medications on an empty stomach. sort of the chicken soup therapy.

all the best to all of you,
Mary Jane
im giving her some broth mary jane, she seems to like it a bit more than just water and since she doesnt want to eat, it should help some. it is good advice. thank you. maybe resting as much as she is will help some. it certainly cant hurt
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