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My parents had an English Setter. Setter ears are down like a GSD puppy's ears. It provides a warm damp place for every nasty infectious thing, like mites or yeast or whatever to grow and grow.

Open ears like sheps are like huge arial vaccumes for every nasty thing.

Up or down, some dogs are just prone to ear infections.

Do NOT believe they are minor in adult dogs. They may not cause fevers that you notice, but the ear canal will bleed and hurt, they will cry and shake their heads, they can get a hematoma and the ear will likely be broken then forever. More seriously though, they can puncture their ear drum.

Moist is bad. A lot of ear cleaning products dogs do not object to because they have aloe and such in them, and they do not feel bad, but they do not dry out the ear canal either. You need a product that will clean and then dry out the ear canal so that the environment is less welcoming to the problems that cause ear infections.

YES cleaning the ears once or twice a week regularly will help, but only if it is with a product that will dry out the canal. Also a little tube of anamox fights ear infections whether they are caused by yeast, infection, mites, or something that isn't coming right now. The stuff works pretty good. I use it at the first sign of trouble and it usually cleans it right up.

I have never had an infection in such a young pup. Hope that is not an indication of what is to come. I guess you should just make cleaning the ears a regular part of grooming him.

Good luck.
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