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Often to we bathe our four legged friends??
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Not very, unless they are mudpies a couple of times a year is plenty. I wouldn't do more than once per quarter. Bathing too often will dry out the natural oils in their coats.
I'd say about 3-4 times a year max. No need to bathe anymore than that as long as you feed a good diet and keep up with grooming/brushing.
I bath about every 6 weeks or so depending on coat turnover and dirtiness. When getting ready for showing, once a week to get coat in good condition.
I have had to bathe Ze'eva every few weeks as she gets a complete mess as a puppy sometimes rolling in the sand, mud and dirt. She can get really dirty after training.... Usually it is just a rinse with no shampoo and lots of brushing though. Ze'eva seems to get itching after playing in the sand sometimes though and the bathing stops her from nipping/scratching herself.
Frag gets one bath every two weeks with a very high quality oatmeal shampoo to combat his allergies.

That's not necessary for most dogs though.
Virtually never.

I Wrangler is 11yo and I literally can't remember the last time he had a bath. I KNOW it has been 6 years or longer. (He doesn't get muddy, he HATES mud and he doesn't roll in stinky things either.)

Siren is 2 1/2 yo and has NEVER had a bath. When she gets muddy she gets hosed off or swims to get the mud off. (She has never rolled in anything stinky either.)
whatt about when they start to smell?? haha
Totally depends on how dirty Deuce is. Since he sleeps in bed with us, I don't want him to be dirty...LOL.
Well if you're like Deuce, being a bed-mate warrants a fresher smell. Check into PetSmart, they have a $10.99 grooming special for pups until 6 mos old- includes bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming and brushing. They don't advertise it- no surprise- but I took advantage of it since Stosh is long-coated. They definitely lost money on a 75 lb, 6 mo old, hairy beast. Took them 3 hrs.
My dogs usually start to get a little smelly and I DO NOT like to have my house smelling like dog. I hate when you walk into someone's house and that dog smell hits you like a brick wall...ugh!! They get a bath about once every 6 weeks. I also clean out their crates and do their bedding at most every 6 weeks, sometimes more often.
We washed the puppies monthly to get them used to it, then after a few times, we only did it when they needed it. For example, Rosa got into some mud that must have had old motor oil in it or something, so that had to get washed off. And since I'd already trashed the bathroom , Niko got a bath too. A week later he got skunked, so lucky him, he got another bath.

That was July, they haven't needed a bath since, but I'll probably wash them again right before Christmas so they look nice and fluffy for photos and since we'll have family in town and lots of petting going on.
i try to bath about every 3 months depending on the funk. lol. Riley has allergies so we've been trying to bath him more often but he's a struggle in the tub and its getting a little too chilly during the day to bath him outside. Shelby stays pretty clean. She's a dainty type who gets this horrified look on her face similar to "OMG DIRT!!!! EWWWWWWW GET IT OFF!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!" and Shasta is a puppy who is all for dirt and mud and just general ick.
Depending on the dog, every month or two as needed.

I like clean dogs.
i guess its a personal preference!! i know i like my little guy to smell fresha nd clean...i cant stand when people have smellly dogs.!!
whatt about when they start to smell?? haha
Dogs usually smell because of diet issues. My Lucy never gets that doggie smell. If your dog is starting to smell, the first thing I'd do is try and tweak his/her diet.
I bathe every other week or sometimes every week depending on how my hands feel after a good rub down....Petting a dog and coming away with a smelly or greassy hand is the worst to me....I do use very good shampoo's and cond. because I know I bathe too often but I keep my house too nice to have a smelly dog in it!
I do use Kiehl's dry shampoo- just spray it on, work it around, brush it out. Leaves a fresh clean scent, pulls the dirt and dander to the surface. I also use a 1/2 and 1/2 water, apple cider vinegar mixture, put it on a washcloth and wipe them down to freshen up.
whatt about when they start to smell?? haha
Then they would get a bath. But if they don't "smell" I see no point.

Likewise if I petted them and my hands got filthy, then they would get a bath, but that doesn't happen.
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