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So since Jordan was spayed about a week and a half ago she has started barking when she doesnt want to do whatever I tell her to... :eek:

Mainly Ive seen this behavior when she is on my bed (she only gets up on cue) and I tell her to get off, and she doesnt think she has been allowed to be on our tiny queen bed long enough, or when I tell her to crate herself and she really needs to go out, really wants food, really wants water, etc. (She crates up for everything.... walks, potty breaks, food, water refills, toys, etc etc etc).

Any idea how to make this stop? Or what I should do in terms of reacting? It is loud and unexpected so I tend to jump on accident and then she thinks I am playing.

Oh, most the time when she barks when I tell her to crate up, before I can make my "eh eh" sound she is already in the crate o_O it's almost like she needs the last word.

I'm open to all suggestions. :help:

PS. She doesnt ever do this while we are training in public :help:
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