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My dog is driving me crazy. She barks whenever she wants something. I've posted before about how her bark is a little higher pitched when she wants something. I'm trying to be very consistent with ignoring her when she does it during the day, and it has seemed to let up a bit, but I'm still having the problem at night. We have a small house and a 5 yr old trying to sleep. That and I can't just up and do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Tonight she wants to play apparently. I've been throwing a soft ball inside, but if she doesn't bring it close enough to me (I'm trying to work) and I don't get up to get it she'll bark at me. I can't ignore the barking when I have a kid trying to sleep.

I know I could get the flirt pole out to wear her out, but my kid left it in the middle of the yard and it's dark, plus I have work to get done (entirely too much).

Anyway, my second problem is totally self created. Since we've had her I've gone outside when she goes out most of the time. I'll sit on the back porch while she potties. Sometimes she'll play for a bit and I'll either come inside or stay out. My problem now is that when we go outside she won't potty unless I walk over to the grass with her. This means that if I try to let her out the door to potty alone, she waits until I come out. How do I solve this? So I just keep putting her out? But that brings me back to the barking because that's what she'll do.

Lastly, the neighbors got a puppy (Pitt bull I think) Its probably 3-4 months now. They leave that poor thing out entirely too much. Right now I can hear it crying and barking at the door. Anyway, my dog barks at their dog. Totally normal, I know but Seven doesn't seem to know when to let up. I tell her everything's ok, or to knock it off and she ignores me. We're in our second obedience class so I'm trying to make sure we're doin this right, but nights like this...

I suppose I'm frustrated tonight.

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