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Our almost 5 month old pup has started an annoying habit of barking at other dogs while on leash. It seems to be coinciding with a bad teething period/phase, but is really annoying. She plays great at the beach, and at doggy day care off leash, but has just started to bark aggressively at other dogs when leashed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
DOG CLASSES! This is the age we all sign up cause this is when the new 'issues' start up!

You have to catch the 1st bark (when you are further away) I'd then go 'uh oh' and TURN TO WALK THE OTHER DIRECTION. Don't just stand there. Don't continue to let your pup bark. MOVE, but in the opposite direction.

Praise when they are quiet. I always act happy with the 'happy voice' when I see other people dogs, but not if it makes my dog get over excited. And if I don't like my dogs behavior I just say 'oops' and we turn around and go the other direction.

The earlier I give my 'oops/uh uh' command and turn, the faster my pup gets what's going on and what I expect.

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