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Barking in the middle of the night

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My house backs up to a canyon in Southern California. Coyotes live back there and make regular appearances. My almost 2 year old GSD Brandy spends a lot of time at the fence barking at them. That is a real pain. What's worse is that in the middle of the night she'll catch the scent of a coyote through our bedroom window and start barking like mad. This is rather unpleasant, and I'd like to go back to sleeping all night.

Any suggestions to modifying this behavior? Thanks so much!
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I am by no means an expert, but whatever you do choose to do, PLEASE do NOT put one of those NO-BARK collars... I have seen awful damage done to dogs by them. There has to be another choice and I am sure someone in this site will be able to help.
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close your windows at night

You could try a citronella collar too.
Not sure I'd use a 'no bark' collar, but I would teach your dog what "shhhh" means.

That's the quickest way to a good night's rest.
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