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Barking at the dogs

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I'm pretty sure this is a stupid question but I thought I would ask. Our 14 week old barks at every dog that isnt part of his pack. I think he just wants to play but it is a much lower bark than his high puppy bark. Our last guy did this his whole life, which ill take the blame and call it poor training and socialization. We start puppy class next week and then begginner OB in 4 and I am assuming that ill help to alleviate the problem.
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Redirect and reward silence. Be prepared to his barking in the class
Anton attempted to intimidate all puppies in his puppy class and I had to deal with it.

I'm still dealing with it but he gets better. Now he knows if he wants to approach a dog or a person he needs to give me an eye contact and wait for a release. If he forgets I remind him
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Thats pretty much what I thought. He is a very dominate puppy so it'll take some time.
It must be genetic. I'm sure you can figure out why I say that.
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I did not want to ask if Sireeeennnn was doing it too!

Anton can really rip it but Oksana is doing a great job with it.
Originally Posted By: KathyWI did not want to ask if Sireeeennnn was doing it too!
Oh good gawd YES. She puts on a better show than ANY SchH3 or police K9 ever born. It is amazing a voice THAT deep can come out of a puppy.

She DOES want to play, though it does NOT look or sound that way AT ALL
. She is just SUCH as big mouth. She does the same thing to MY dogs sometimes too.

She is getting better with age though.
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bosco...I'm thinking that is the way they are at this age. Mine seems to bark at anything that comes within 10 yards of my house. Which is somewhat okay with me since I do live in the city, but I redirect him and that seems to help alot. I know he's just defending his territory. But by redirecting him to something else, you're showing him that the item is more important to you than he barking. Make sure you also reward him once you sucessfully redirect him.

Tracy...I know exactly what you're saying. I had a situation come about last night, where there was a stray dog that came into the yard. Well...he had I think he was a neighbors dog. But I went to try and gather him up and JD went "barko" from inside. I still wonder what his bark is going to be like once he gains 60+ lbs. Cause he already sounds like a police dog and 35lbs.
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