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Barking at friends in the house

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Hey guys, just wanted some input into this situation. I will be going to Schutzhund training tomorrow and asking my club the same question. I had a friend over yesterday(female) and my almost 8 mo. working lines male went absolutely crazy. He was barking his big boy bark and wouldn't stop until we left the room. When I stayed with him on one side of the baby gate, he was fine, but as soon as I went to the side that she was on, he went crazy again. I had had carpet cleaners over on Tues. and he tried to literally tear up the side of the crate to get to them.....I basically considered that a good thing, considering his breeding. But my question is how do you teach these dogs that some people are OK and some are not. He does well in social situations such as at the club and Petsmart, but he is on leash and not in his "own" environment. We know that this is a step up and just need the tools to teach him. Part of the problem I know was that my other mixed breed dog was going "happy" crazy to see her when she first came in and I had to crate him to get him to settle down. I thought about crating him, but with the experience earlier in the week, didn't think that was a good idea. And another thing that I did was go outside and bring her in. I shook hands and hugged her also, didn't make a difference until we left the room. I was able to let him loose right before she left, but he still seemed to be unsure of the situation and would whine and poke her a lot. He has met her on 2 occasions. Suggestions??????:confused:
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