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Hi! Could you please help me to interpret my puppy's todays behaviour. My husband, I and the dogs went to the park today to let the dogs swim in the river and have some fun.

Everything went great except I've noticed a new barking behaviour in my 5 months old Anton. He barked at two dogs that happened to come close to the place where we were throwing the stick in the river and the dogs were playing.

Anton noticed the dog, moved himself forward and started barking with kind of a deep bark with no hackles up. He was staring at the dog so intensely and it took me a while to redirect him back to the stick. All this time Yana, the other dog, was playing happily with zero attention to the other dog. This is a new behaviour for him and I am not sure how to react properly. I am socializing him a lot, with people and dogs (I probably need to do even more with dogs now), and before it was only excited barking like 'I want to go and play", and today it's something different.

I hope you may have some insight into this. Thank you!
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