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Bark collars?

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I was thinking of buying an TriTronics bark limiter.
Does anyone here have an experience with these? Can they be left on a dog when it's home alone? That's the only time we would need it.
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Great question. I don't know about TriTronics bark limiter or any other but as a general question, I would like to know:

1) do they work

2) can they be left on when home alone

3) under what circumstances do you use them

Thor is my barker...and as I've said many times, he barks at anything; leaves blowing, commercials with animals, cars passing by, etc.

Freya has never once barked since I brought her home. What makes one dog a barker and one not? (Rhetorical, philosophical query that really doesn't require an answer...*grins*)
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Yes, it can be left on the dog when your not home..

Mine works well.. It's got adjustable settings so you can start out at the lowest level and work your way up from there..
Well, we broke down & bought one yesterday. The cheapest one was $120.00

I don't like the whole idea, especially since it's not often at all that she is home & we are not (when the barking happens).
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How do we know if it's working?
Do we just have to go by if her complaining continues? It's not an overnight solution, correct?
When you take it off the dog, cut it off and it will blink how many times it had to give a correction. If it is giving too many corrections, up the level. Once a dog understands the bark collar and you have it at the correct level you will not be getting many corrections.
Interesting - thanks! I didn't see that feature in the instructions - I'll check again.

You folks are so helpful!
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Cindy, is there any chance, I can't find your other thread, of soundproofing the wall between the two of you? Or just a room Max can be left in?
Mine is set on level 3.. The dogs learn real quick what the collar is all about...
I had a kennel dog that was a joy barker or "where's everybody at?" barker. The temp solution at night was to crate her on the deck with the other dogs and she quieted right down. Of course I wimped out and now kennel dog sleeps with me. I don't know how much barking she (and the other three) does during the day but I havn't heard any complaints. I know other people that have used them with good results. I have a nieghbor that had the dogs vocal cords removed. I'd like to accidently hit him with my car,
Thank you all for your info. We really thought Max was perfect with his 'alarm' bark - we wanted a dog protective of our property when we're gone -

We're still not sure if the collar is working, but we'll see what happens!

I think it may be. Max is now afraid of his crate -
He was in it with his collar (we didn't put him in, he just went in on his own), baby boy closed the door on him & he barked. Boy did he scream in that crate! I quickly corrected my son & let Max out (it was LOUD).
So, perhaps that means he was getting shocked. He also doesn't like it when I put it on him. Not like his prong - that makes him jump for joy because he knows he's going out for a walk or ride.
Try giving him a treat when you put the bark collar on him. As far as the crate, try feeding him only in his crate until he gets over his fear of it. I hope this helps, we have had a simalar situation.
You may also want to take the batterie out of the bark collar, put it on him, and take him for a walk. This should make him associate the bark collar as something that is not allways a bad thing.
is the collar supposed to elicit a "scream" from max on correction? seems like it may be set too high.
That was on low.

I know it's cruel. I have nightmares about it.
Dog shouldn't scream when corrected. turn it down a bit. I normally start off low and go higher as needed.
It was on low. The collar says for dogs over 8 lbs.
It would depend on how sensitive the dog is.. And some dogs are very mello dramatic..

My bitch will yelp every once in a while.. But for the most part she won't bark when the collar is on.. same with my terrier.. And now when the collar is off she quiets down much quicker..

I don't think of it as cruel.. But that's me...
Originally Posted By: LandosMomis the collar supposed to elicit a "scream" from max on correction? seems like it may be set too high.
Sometimes, when dogs are still learning the dynamics of the collar they scream, and pretty loud, because they get startled. Usually they go over it after a few stims.
Some dogs like people can be whiny. My youngest male cries every time I cut his nails. Then he yips with each clip. He stays but cries. I know it isn`t hurting him. I cut all 3 the same and only he cries.
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