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bark bark bark bark

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Hi, I have a psycho crazy chiuahua that lives next door. He has absolutely no manners or anything. Everytime we are outside and he comes out its nothing but barking. He runs up and down the fence line like a lunatic barking at Duece. We work alot with Duece not barking back and most of the time he doesnt. What he does do is run back and forth along the fence line "playing" with the chiuahua even though the chiuahua is clearly not playing. He is a little demon
. You think that is ok or should we not let him "play" this way? The chiuahua never comes into our yard unless his owners are with him and on the rare occasions they are face to face with no fence the demon still goes psycho but he wont get close to Duece so I am pretty sure he is actually afraid of him and is putting on a front. Right now all Duece wants to do is play but I am not sure if eventually he will become aggressive with him beccause he is such a
. What do you guys think? Should I work on getting Duece to ignore him or is there no harm?
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I would defiantly work on having Duece ignore the dog. I hate dogs on the other side of the fence that bark at mine...drives me crazy....

I did have a small dog once that did like to fence fight, the owners could not have cared less....I sprayed the dog with a hose a few times.....maybe not the right thing to do, but I did talk with the owners first...
Welcome to my world.

I'm in a similar sit. as you. My dogs ignore the neighbors dogs completely and I would not get Deuce engaged with those dogs. What you don't want to do, is give in and walk away when they're barking as this reinforces the behavior. I only walk away after the neighbors dogs have shut up- and in the beginning it took awhile. The dogs have gotten alot better and bark for shorter instances, since they' ve learned that barking doesn't make us leave.

I was very tempted using a waterhose too, and there were times I regretted that we don't have any guns...
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