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barfing on car rides

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When does their little tummies start to handle car rides? My Duece vomits every time we go somewhere. I want him use to the car but it's difficult when you know what the end result will be. We wait until well after feedings but it doesnt seem to make a difference.
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Chevy gets sick occasionally on car rides. He is 16 weeks old. He did the day we got him (8 weeks old) and two or three times afterwards (one being just 2 weeks ago). I always bring a towel for him to sit/lay on in the car just in case. I want him to get used to going on car rides. I take him a few times a week or more. He is definatly getting better but as soon as I turn off the ignition, he gets all excited and can't wait to get out!
Good luck!
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Short trips. With my Chaya it was twice a day to the end of the road and back, for a week (no where else), then when she was good with that the end of two streets (to the park) some play time, then home. Then three streets then the full circut of the block, gradually farther, ending in happy non-stressful places (no vet). Eventually she got over it and LOVES car rides, no sickness
Yup, short trips. And wide, SLOW turns. If you can, keep the
pup towards the front of the car, and crack open a window
for some air.

I used to laugh, our pup would urp when my husband drove,
but not when I did...
I used to have problems with my Doberman drooling and vomiting everywhere we went. Shorter trips and ginger snaps helped relax his stomach. He eventually got used to it.
[ I used to laugh, our pup would urp when my husband drove,
but not when I did... ]

Thats funny cause the times Duece did it my husband drove also. I guess I cant blame him cause whenever my husband drives I feel like barfing too.

I will try the short trips and see what happens
My Sheltie initially got sick in the car - I've had him about a year and he was 5 months old and never been anywhere. He's now to the point he's no longer getting sick - sometimes drools a bit but not nearly like he used to. I have noticed that a road that has a lot of curves in it gets to him - my border collie Fly was like that too. She was fine for 8 hours on a straight highway or interstate - get on a windy backroad and it was less than 5 minutes she'd get sick.

Cesar (I know many don't like him but...) made note in his book that dogs that get sick in the car are more often than not anxious and not calm when put into the car. I thought that was interesting and with Laddie stopped reassuring him and just put him in and went - no more sick. He'd usually mope in the back - this time when I stopped (20 minute drive) he was standing up wagging his tail.
Is car sickness a case by case thing with dogs -- like one pup from a litter might get car sick but another one won't? Like it is with humans...I have motion sickness but none of my siblings do. Does it work the same way with dogs, or do all dogs have it until they get used to riding in the car?
The best thing to do is a desensitizing program with pups the throw up on car rides.

You start by just pupping the pup in the Vehicle and not moving.

Next you move the vehicle a city block or so. Slowly over many days increase the distance you drive.

Other helpful things, don't feed your pup for a least 2 hours, I use 4 hours before traveling.

Ginger Snaps or Crystalized Ginger with the sugar rubbed off is good for setteling the tummy, give about 15 mins before traveling.

There are different causes for Car sickness in dogs, some is stress related, some is just the movelment of the vehicle. By using the program above it helps in both cases.
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