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Okay, ladies and fellas,

I think we need to start a thread that we share some of our favorite BARF resources (info sites, books etc...) for new members who would like to read more about BARF and learn about feeding raw.

So I will start out with two books that I have on my shelf that I recommend for reading:

1. "Give Your Dog a Bone" by Dr. Ian Billinghurst - This book is like the BARF Bible. Has tons of info that you can refer to when you need it.

2. "Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats" by Kymythy R. Schultze. Kymythy is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in natural nutrition and holistic care for cats and dogs.


Dr. Ian Billinghurst's BARFworld website

BARF newcomes FAQ

Jane Johnson's website

Come on ladies, add your fav's to the list for the newbies!
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Bump: Still looking for more resources from the Barfers to share with the potential barfers
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Nancy, I can't add to your is the same as mine except for Lauri's site.

The only thing I would add is equipment related. The freezer was a big thing to me. I would recommend manual defrost for the extended shelf life of the food. I just shopped around for that.

Food sources are unique to where you live. Some people can't get some fresh meats/vegies. I suppose internet resources would be good for that but I don't have any
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Ok, here are some more:

Lauri & The Raw Fed Gang Lauri is a member here on the board with a great site, chock full of info

RawFed Lisa of FrogHoller Filas has quite a few readings available on her site.

Some of these sites also have links to webrings where you can check out other sites belonging to BARFers

Here are some more book resources to check out:

1. "Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats" by Richard H. Pitcairn D.V. M

2. "Foods Pets Die For" by Ann Martin

3. "The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care" by CJ Puotinen
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Here are a few addys

Switching to Raw - Susan Johnson
Raw Meaty Bones - Dr. Tom Lonsdale

On the Web:
The K9 Nutrition Group on Yahoo! Lew Olson is the mod. her site also has some great articles on it!
Susan Johnson also has a really handy book, can't remember the title (maybe its the one that Willow listed) that is inexpensive and has worksheet pages to help you figure out amounts for your dogs.

I will have to look through my old hardcopies of BARF info and see if I can find the title. I don't have it on my shelf, cuz DH threatened my exsistence if I bought any more BARF books
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Thanks for starting this, Nancy! What a wealth of information, especially for me since I'm considering switching to BARF for my pups.
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I also liked "Grow Your Pup with Bones" by Dr. Billinghurst.


Just had to post this picture
Just consider this a bump
Din din is served, what a picnic!

This picture came from an article "My Dog Eats BARF!" by Jennifer Hubbartt. I tried to find a link to her article to post but it appears that sometime in the past two years, she has shut down her site

But fortunately, I have her article on my computer still and had to share this photo. What a happy pupper! This is the article that pushed me toward BARFing.
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The Susan Johnson book I was trying to remember was the "Switching to Raw" book.

Here is a link to her site to check it out:


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this has been a good topic, Nancy. Thanks for starting it! I think I'm going to add that book to my collection.
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Hi, I'm new to this site and to rawfeeding, but I found the following site to be especially helpful when it came to answering alot of my questions (your site was the first one I came to and everyone after was somehow a referral from it, if you know what I mean....)

it is

I don't know if you've already mentioned it above, but like I said it helped me, a beginner, alot!
Here's some:

Bulloved Bulldogs

That site has some of the most detailed information on heartworm I've read!

Lew Olson's B-Naturals website

Great supplements, even greater newsletters and other information. Also a link to the K9Nutrition email list.

International Purveyors Index

Here you can find sources for everything - by CITY AND OR STATE!

Caber Feidh Deerhounds - Holistic & Natural Rearing

Great site!! TONS of great information! Christie has me currently rethinking the way I feed.

Mary Straus' website

Tons of great information on how to deal with different conditions (like Arthritis, Caner, Liver issues, etc.)

Holistic Dog Care forum

Dr. Jean Dodds website

Dr. Dodds does blood work, thyroid tests, titers, etc. and her prices are very good!

That's just the ones on my work computer! I'll have to check the home computer tonight!
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No problem, you're welcome, XOXO! Where are you in Cali? I'm in Altadena, in the LA area above Pasadena.
The SoCal group is even sending a "transport" up here to the SF Bay Area and Sacramento now, just getting started networking with our coops up here... They get awesome prices! I've also heard of a group called the "Disney Barfers" in Orange County, LOL!
Our coop deals directly with a slaughterer in mid-CA who delivers to different parts of CA every month or so... he gets mostly grass-fed meats, raises ostrich and emu and sells the trim, organs and bones from them to. Quite a variety out there!
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Here's a rather large co-op built around bulk purchasing of BARF in California. It also has a active mailing list built around the co-op and BARFing in general.
thanks for posting that, Redman! I didn't know the co-op existed...I am definitely going to check that out some more.
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Here's a good link that sets out a feeding schedule in detail:
Wow! You read my mind! I was just coming here to start a topic just like this. My MIL is thinking about BARFing her Great Danes. I told her I would help research.

Thanks so much!
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A good place to get supplements, vitamins and the likes (should your baby need them) is

They have excellent prices and excellent quality.
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