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Barb E. How is Dante?

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Did I miss an update post?

I know you are having water issues right now, but am curious as to if you ever found out what was wrong with his leg?
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Lisa - How nice of you to check on Dante.
The leg has not returned to complete normal but is way better than it was.
Since Western Medicine didn't find anything I'm going to go to a Holistic vet next but am waiting for a paticular one to open her new practice...should be next month.

He isn't a bit lame on it, doesn't seem to bother him in anyway.

It's an expensive mystery!!
Well it's very nice to hear that it has improved, but what a bummer that you have had to shell out so much money and still get no answers.

Hopefully the holistic vet will help. I've never been to one, but have considered it on several occasions. You will definately have to let us know how it goes!!!

I had this with my ankle. Had all kinds of testing done but nothing came back conclusive. I finally got acupuncture and that took care of the problem. Seems I had some stagnant qi in the area...

Are you giving him anything for it, any supplements?
Ruth - Just his normal SynoviG3 which I boosted when this first started.

I hesitate to give him anything else until I see the Holistic vet. It is way better, a stranger probably wouldn't even notice anything was wrong but of course I can tell it's still a bit puffy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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