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Ok so Bailey loves to go out for walks and almost every time we go out so he can do his business he will sniff the ground and if a car passes he lunges at it as if he wants to run down the street after it. The problem is that I live on a very busy road which is the only connection to my town through the woods. It is a fast moving road and I don't want to take an chances that something will happen to him. Every time he is doing his business and a car comes I redirect his attention with a sharp NO as the car passes and his ears go up. He usually follows my command and once another car comes it is the same thing. There are alot of cars passing by here all the time so it can be endless.

I don't have this problem at night because there is almost no traffic at all and he just does his business. With Bailey i'm a strong believer that if I take you out to go potty you'd better go potty and to me a dog out doing his business or needing to do his business should have his nose to the ground sniffing for the cool potty spot. Any time he is looking around or as I say (farting around) I redirect him to move in another direction or get him to start sniffing the ground. So far its working pretty good.

In regards to Baile chasing after cars I think I already know the answer so I will say what I think I should do more to help him out with this problem. I think that Bailey is not walked enough. He goes out for pee's and comes right back in. He is in the house all the time mostly because of the weather. I think that even more at this young age he needs to learn those social skills of dealing with the outside world and getting to know all the sights and sounds of the world around him. I think that with more exposure to other people and all the cars on the road that he will get used to them as being there all the time and will forget to chase after them.

If I got this wrong please let me know because I want to do the right thing with this monkey. TTYL thanks all
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