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This is a crosspost, I have no further info

From: Cathy
Date: Jul 19, 2008 9:03 AM

More pictures at link below!!


Special GSD Puppy in need - Durham, NC


Here is another little girl in need. She is young but already been through a lot. Please read her story. Her foster mom contacted Noble to see if we could take her. I responded that I could help crosspost her.

Can you please send out to your GSD contacts in the north as well?

The foster mom's phone number is on the webpage and her email address is [email protected] com

http://www. k-9photography. com/ruthie/index. html

Baby Ruthie - showing her deformed leg

Ruthie is looking for a very special "forever" home. She needs a "forever" home that does not mind that her appearance is a little different from what we humans consider "normal." You see, Ruthie's right hind leg is deformed and she is unable to use it to walk. This is only a problem for the humans.

Ruthie has no idea that all dogs don't walk on three legs

She runs and plays knowing that she is a happy puppy in a better place

This little girl was found "running for her life" down a country road near Bahama, NC. When a caring person stopped the car and called her, she came running, leaped into the waiting arms and starting giving kisses (rescue dogs really are grateful!). Upon inspection of Ruthie, she was found to have many puncture wounds and an abscessed neck. She was taken to the vet where, upon further inspection, was found to have over 60 bite marks all over her body. Her neck was shaved and a drain was put in the abscess to facilitate healing. The rest of her wounds were attended to and she was given fluids, her first shots, and Frontline was applied.

The drain has since been pulled and she is healing up nicely
She will be spayed as soon as she is a little stronger

Ruthie is an approximately 14-week-old German Shepherd.

The vet said that since the blood supply is good to her right rear limb and she clearly has feeling in it that amputation of the limb is not necessary

She does use it to scratch the itchy spots on her body

Ruthie is now in a foster home waiting for her loving "forever" home

Here is what her foster Mom has to say about her:

Ruthie is a true delight! She is smart, funny, and all puppy. She loves her toys and loves playing with all the other dogs. Her best pal and playmate is the Rottweiler foster.

It is very funny to watch them play

Ruthie holds her own with her giant sister

Ruthie is as sweet as she is smart and not afraid of anything.

She appears to be housebroken and will go to the door to be let out
Ruthie is doing very well in a crate; she eats and sleeps in her crate

Some people might think that Ruthie has a disability. However, as far as she is concerned, her only disability was the people who brought her into this world and then abandoned her.

She is happy with bright eyes that say she will need a forever home that can keep up with her
She will make a wonderful addition to a "special" family

If you think you have room in your home and heart for this wonderful puppy, please call her foster Mom, Lisa, at (919) 693-3195

Posting and cross posting of Ruthie's story is greatly appreciated! She needs to find her "forever" home

Thank you!

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What a beautiful, special little girl!! I was truly saddened to read she had all those bite marks on her, this poor girl. I just want to hug her!!!
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