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Bad Skin Reaction to Advantix???

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Am wondering if I may be way off base in thinking my Oskar had a reaction to Advantix, but wanted to see if it was not uncommon ...

Our old vet retired earlier this year - had been in process of switching to local vet I'd heard great things about for everyone because getting up to where he was located wasn't so easy anymore. Old vet recommended Frontline - had no problem with that other than the fact that Oskar still contracted Lyme disease while on it (early in the season maybe?). New vet highly recommends Advantix so we tried that.

Within a couple days of first Advantix application Oskar started scratching at himself - everywhere. Tried washing out that area but it was too late - he kept scratching. Gaia had had an application at the same time with no problems. To alleviate Oskar's obviously dry skin (other than a few flakes it didn't look irritated) we gave him a bath in the nice Lanolin based shampoo we've been using on him for some time without issue.

This time I made special care to rinse it out of him, and to rinse more when I'd thought it was all out. But I might not have gotten his very wooly thigh that was furthest away from me - I know I rinsed it well, but maybe not as well as everywhere else.

A few days later I'd spent the day very busy cleaning at home - remember hearing Oskar licking at himself and telling him to "stop the lickey-licks" - the dogs know the sound of the vacuum used to make me nervous, and respond like it still does - and didn't think to check what he was licking. Then rushed out the door to take oldest son to the dentist's ...

Hubby arrived home before I did and met me at the car, "Have you seen Oskar's leg?" he asked.

Oskar had licked off a patch of fur the size of a large man's hand off of his thigh!

We cleaned the area off and put anti-biotic ointment with pain reliever on it, and used medical tape to loosely yet securely tape to his fur a folded square from one of the silky old cotton sheets I keep for lining doll clothes and making bandages out of to keep the ointment in place and dirt out of the sore & raw area - and left a message with the vet's office (it was after hours) begging to see Oskar the next day.

Saw the Dr the next morning and he agreed it was a reaction to something I'm thinking Advantix possibly exacerbated by a poorly rinsed gentle shampoo and worry. He's had baths before, and he's heard me vacuum often enough, LOL!

Dr trimmed around Oskar's licked-away patch to expose it more for cleaning, and gave him a shot of anti-biotics. And when we left a prescription of capsules for more, and a nice spray for the area that has a topical anti-biotic and an analgesic - in an aloe & lanolin base with a bitter taste so pets won't lick it more. It works GREAT at keeping him from licking, and he seems greatly relieved at each application!

So all I can assume is that the Advantix, that was making him itch already, must have been the catalyst.

Have already determined not to use it on Oskar again - but still wonder if anyone else had a dog that had a similar reaction to Advantix?
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We've been using Advantix for about three or four years now with no adverse effects.
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We can't use advantix, it breaks out Elle's skin with little bumps and then she starts scratching at it.
Originally Posted By: EJQ
back atchya EJQ!

Originally Posted By: JenniferkyWe can't use advantix, it breaks out Elle's skin with little bumps and then she starts scratching at it.
Huh! Oskar had a couple of small "boo-boos" that I attributed to wrastling with Gaia ... and then the licked skin had bumps as well that I thought were side effects of the licking his hair out - maybe not!

Thank you for the info Jennifer!
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Had asked this as well on the Greyhound board I recently joined (we fell in love with a brindle boy at the rescue kennel we've been going to for walking and socializing Greys - such sweethearts! So we're in discussions about bringing this boy home

Have had responses there that some vets won't prescribe K9 Advantix to dog owners who also have cats, some won't prescribe it because of the adverse reactions they've seen in dogs. Some of the other issues that people on the Grey board have had are seizures after application bad enough that dog needed to be put down and screaming pain after application where dog tried to bite off the area it was applied to - thankfully quickly relieved with washing it out.

I'm thinking we'll either be going back to Frontline Plus or I'll just check for ticks each night and treat fleas if they get them.
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