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My son has a 14 month old female German Shepard (Bella), she has always had seperation issues. She is a very sweet and lovable dog. She was very hard to house break at about 8 months it finally clicked.
My son took her and moved into an apartment about 3 months ago. We also have a Carin Terrier (Charlie). Bella would stay in her crate if Charlie was in the crate next to her. Now that she is alone she will no longer stay in her crate, she destroyed it one afternoon and got out of it. He starting leaving her in the apartment loose. At first she was pretty good. Then she started pooping and peeing in the apartment. He never leaves her for more than 2 to 5 hours at a time. He always walks her before he leaves. She has also started chewing eveything she can find. TV remotes, power cords you name it. He leaves toys and bones for her each day.
He really loves her, but he is getting very frustrated.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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