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Backwards Sneezing

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OK, I think, if I remember right, Jean and I talked about this a year ago, I think it was you Jean.

My Aussie, Bandit use to do it quite often. Hasn't now for a very long time.
But, OMG, He has done it several times this morning, and it has been very severe. POOR BOY! He has Jarie very worked up, she isn't resting well, and every time he makes this gawd awful sound,
like he is going to kill over, she jumps up in her crate and circles, paws at the crate and screams. I can't have her doing that.

What did you do to help with the Backwards sneezing? Anybody?
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Thanks Jean, and thanks for the links. I know the first time Bandit did this, he had just came back from traveling the dog shows all over the states with his handler. The vet gave him something, but I can't remember what it was. I will have to look it up. That was many years ago.

I can't rub his throat, he does go through panic mode, and it always happens when he is sleeping. After reading those links, now I am wondering if it is allergies. It has been very very windy all week, but more so since last night.

I will give him some Benedryl, and see if that might help.

Thanks Kris,
It is windy here a lot, but maybe this time it is worse for him. Bandit does go through panic attacks. The hard part is he is sleeping in his crate since I have the day care kids right now, plus with them all in their crates it helps keep Jarie calm.

All the dogs jump up and look at him, he does do it very loud and it looks so harsh. Jarie doesn't understand and she acts like she is panicing when he does this. So far he has done in approximately every 15 minutes for the last 2 hours.

Maybe some of you can volunteer to borrow some of my dogs for time being. UGH!
Thanks Bonnie,
I never realized it was a smaller dog thing. Bandit only did it once last night while sleeping, so I did what you suggested, and it did help. It was a more mild attack. I gave him the Benedryl, I think that helped.

But, now Jarie, has done it a couple times this morning, very mild though. I am wondering if maybe hers is just from the anestisia from her surgery.

I have never seen one of my Shepherds do this before.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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