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Backwards Sneezing

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OK, I think, if I remember right, Jean and I talked about this a year ago, I think it was you Jean.

My Aussie, Bandit use to do it quite often. Hasn't now for a very long time.
But, OMG, He has done it several times this morning, and it has been very severe. POOR BOY! He has Jarie very worked up, she isn't resting well, and every time he makes this gawd awful sound,
like he is going to kill over, she jumps up in her crate and circles, paws at the crate and screams. I can't have her doing that.

What did you do to help with the Backwards sneezing? Anybody?
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We see this once in a while with little dogs in our classes - I don't know why it is less common in large dogs. What helps them is for the handler to gently cup their hand over their nose (think of humans breathing into a paper bag for a panic attack.)

Usually within seconds the sneezing stops and the dog quiets.

Don't hold your hand tightly over the nose - just lightly enough that the dog is breathing in the same air and doesn't fight you.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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