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Back from first Vet visit

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Jackson was very good at the vet's biting, whining...wagged his tail and flirted with all the techs. Vet was very complimentary of his temperment...he was wormed and given his shots..not a peep out of him...Doc said "you have a great little dog there...and he is going to be VERY big"

So its a really good day.
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Yay for Jackson! Don't you love it when they make you proud like that!!
Congratualtions,I wish I had your pupper when I go to the vets office, with me and sarge its a little different.

Sarge does not like the vets office. Heres a quick story most the opisite of your good

Sarge and I are at the vets office for his check up. We are not in the waitting area, we'er inside the office in another room. The lady comes in and reaches for for the leash. I told her, this will work a lot better if I take him. oh no!!! it wont be a problem im sure!! she says. I said...well, I wish I was as sure as you

We'll be right back she says as she leads sarge out the door and down the hallway.There are other staff members going places with other dogs. There gone for about 20 seconds when I hear one of the female staff start yelling....LOOSE DOG!!! LOOSE DOG!!!!

When I heard that I thought to myself, gee!! wonder who that could be??A few seconnds later sarge comes around the corner and sits down next to me. When she comes in there sits sarge getting petted and me smiling at her.

I take the leash and put it back on sarge and ask her, would you like me to come along or do you wanna try it again?? She looks at me and say...bring him!!!

That time sarge walked quietly and got his checkup without any further problems.
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LOL Butch obviously he wanted you to go with him. He knows who will protect him. Smart dog.
Wow butch33611 at vet check ups they take your dog away from you???? All vets I have ever gone to I bring the dog into the exam room and stay with him during the exam.
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