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Babs last night, Beansy today

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I was really proud of Babsy last night. She went into heat in the end of September so she has been on Vacation this past month or so.

Last night without any lead, I took her for a walk through town and she stayed right at heel position until I released her for my car.

Every time I looked down her head was right by my knee, and she sat at every full stop. When I released her, she ran I called her to wait, and she did until I reached heel position, and she heeled another bit and when I turned the corner I let her go again and she went full out to the car and sat at the back where I load them into crates waiting for me to come up to her.

I love that dog!


Beansy started back in basic again today.

The good news is that six weeks ago she was barking and pretty spooky about the other dogs. Today she was in her element wanting to meet all of them and not acting afraid of the dogs at all. She also acted incredibly gentle and there were some very little dogs there of breeds she has not seen before.

Now, I am going to work on the people giving her treats, and six weeks from now, even if she doesn't stay a minute or down three or walk with a loose lead, if she is less concerned with the people, I will feel it well worth it.
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Seems like they are coming along great!! Good to hear that Beansy is becoming more comfortable.
That's great selzer. All your dogs are great and lobe hearing there stories. :) how many sheps do you have? When are you going to add Bear and Beansy to your siggy? Must be nice to have so many BIG dogs. I love my lil ones but ill always have a soft spot in my heart for the bigger dogs :wub:
Bear and Beansy and Dolly are being raised and trained by me. Actually Dolly is mostly healing from a bad experience and injury. I will keep her until I do ofas at two. Then I will decide whether to find her a good home or keep her. Bear would be the one out of this litter I would love to go on with. But Beansy is really nice too, just not as confident. I should find her a pet home. Until then, a little training goes a long way.

In any case, I do not think final names will be Bear, Beansy or even Dolly. Maybe Dolly, I don't know. Until I register them, I do not think I will add them to my signature. I still refer to them as The Pains, which they certainly are.
Lol @ the pains. We have 2 dogs who we call the puppies.even tho there now 3 yrs old.they are our lil pitas. But we sure do love them. We kept them after we found the mother. They are the only survivers of a litter of 4 due to Vet neglageance. Wish we had taken them to the second vet first. But at 2 am we were stuck with the bitch who loves $ more than dogs. And told us to bring pepper back when the bank opens before she would do the emargancy c sction/ spay. :angryfire: we hate this woman and she will never touch one of myu dogs again.
I will not say I won't go to the ER ever again, but I will wait if at all possible. They are all about money. They would let your dog bleed to death waiting for you to come up with the money. I feel your pain.
This wasent a ER we don't have them here. It was a privet practice sh has her name in the phone book so you can call after hrs. so I called her house and told her the Emargancy. And she said to come in. But you could tell she was not happy to be up at 2 am. We found a better vet to go to if we have a emargancy again.
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