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avoderm naturals?

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I just switch my dog to the lamb and brown rice formula.He seems to like it.what do you think of this food,any good?I had him on natural balance,duck and potato and he got dry patches on his hips.I added sardines in olive oil to the food to try to clear it up but it did not work.He's a bi-color so any dry skin look terrible on him.Any thoughts?
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I use the chicken and rice Avoderm and love it. All 3 of mine are doing super on it. No dry skin, my older shepherd used to have fur missing from her elbows from old age, hair is starting to grow back. Everybody has such small poos you would think I had small little lap dogs living in my house.

The only problem I have had is that I wish I would have found this dog food alot sooner then I did, would have solved alot of trial and error with them.
According to the Pet Co website if you click on the breeder's choice the Avoderm foods come up. If Rocky runs into issues with his current food, then that will probably be my next attempt.
I like many of the Breeder's Choice foods. I used to have both of my dogs on various versions of their kibble.
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