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hello pplz, Any1else from Australia? I have a 11 week old gsd named Diesel, He is great and so easy to training, He does a bit of crying at night but when were trying 2 sleep, Any1esle have this problem aswell.
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EVERYONE has had a crying puppy. How long have you have your pup?
yeah i know that, but its only about 2 in the morning, hes fine till than. ive had him for nearly 3weeks now.
how OLD is he? Shasta would freak out between about 2 and 3 am and was usually good after a trip to go potty. She would try to play after potty break but learned it was time to sleep instead. Where does your pup sleep?

Shasta whined for a good month and a half in the middle of the night until she figured out is wasnt working for her. She's now 7 months old.
Welcome! I'm from Queensland :)
Our 12 week old GSD pup cries a bit at night.

A few suggestions...

1) Put his crate where he can see your bed, so he knows where his people are.
2) Put a stuffed animal or something in the crate with him so he can cuddle up to it.
3) Don't let him drink too late at night...reduce the pressure on his little bladder.

Beyond just takes patience and a stern voice (don't yell...just be stern...)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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