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attitude and habits!

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I know it's been complained about before, but my goodness...You have got to love that teenage attitude of a almost 9 month pup, it's like she convieniently forgets her name, and stares across the room in the other direction, then turns and looks at me with the expression of "You're totally dumb!"

I know it's just a phase, but ewwwwwww, it's frustrating!!!!!

Thank God she hasn't decided to change her hours of sleeping habits or I'm going to be in big trouble when she decides that she doesn't want to sleep when we are.

Oh, and the fussiness about where and when she eats, although I have held my grounds and she must eat at her bowl and not on me or anything, and she has decided that she must not eat until after 3:00pm, if you try feeding her before 3:00pm, she totally turns her nose up and walks away, and refusses to eat!

Love the teenage phase!!! Not really, but I know it too shall pass!
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