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Attacked While Walking Today

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I was out walking Chevy this morning like we do every day. We went down the street that is a block behind us and I heard dogs barking inside houses (like always). I had Chevy sit at the corner before we crossed the street. As soon as we crossed, I hear some commotion from behind and a bulldog comes barreling across the street towards us! I tried to pull Chevy back from this dog but it jumped right on him barking and snarling and I heard Chevy yelp. It happened so fast I didn't know what to do. The owner then yelled for the dog and it went back home. I checked over Chevy because he was kind of holding up his paw. No bite marks and no blood which was good but he seemed shakend up. I don't even think he knew the dog was coming until it was right up on him. So the owner walks over and tells me he's sorry and someone must have left the door open and asked if Chevy was ok. I was still in shock and just said he was fine. I just wanted to go home. I got home, now in tears, and checked him over real good again and there are no marks and he is walking fine. I took him outside to play for a bit too to see if he acted any different which he didn't.

I called Animal Control and left a message for them to call me back. They're only in the office during certain times so I don't expect a call back until later this afternoon. I'm not even sure if they can do anything since there are no visible marks on Chevy. Anyone have any expierence with something like this? We've never had a problem with a dog attacking ours. We've had dogs run up to ours and we continue walking without incident. This makes me not even want to go for walks anymore
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Omg! I am so sorry! That is scary. I never had anything happen to me. If a dog came towards us, Shane would actually welcome the challenge, but Chevy stayed cool. I'm sure if wanted to he could have hurt that bull dog! I'm glad you called Animal Control, I am willing to bet this is not the first time this bulldog attacked! Give Chevy a big hug! Poor guy. Don't stop walking him, just maybe walk in another area.
I think Chevy's still a pupster, right? I hope there are safe places you can go to continue his socialization with friendly dogs so he does not develop a fear.
I'm so sorry this happened to y'all.
We (my gsd and I) had a very similar experience. We were attacked by a rottweiller. I tried to stay between my dog and the attacker. My dog was just a year old and much smaller. The dog circled us snarling and showing his teeth. This was in Feb. and I slipped on ice and fell. That's when the rott went after my dog. The owner showed up and pulled his dog off, but Liberty was badly bitten on her leg and had a lot of scratches. I was way beyond upset and lost my temper, using some pretty offensive language on the owner. He kept telling me to calm down but he never said he was sorry. Then he just walked away. If I had had a baseball bat, I'm sure I'd be in jail. Like you, I went home in tears, I felt I had not done enough to protect my dog. I went to the vet and Liberty's wounds were treated. She went home with 10 days of antibiotic and instructions that she was to be kept home and not walked till the wound healed, which took 6 weeks beacuse it was so deep. I contacted our local animal control officer, swore out an affadavit against the owner. The officer contacted the owner and he was ticketed for a loose dog and to appear in court. Also the dog was not licensed. After that, I sent him a bill for my vet bills and told him if he didn't pay I would take him to small claims court. He was fined $50. in court, $20. for the license, and he got a haircut for court, $10. ? He then sent me a check for $100. for the vet bills. The guy needed to be taught a lesson about letting his dog run loose, and I gave it to him. I now always carry a spray can of pepper spray, I've never had to use it, but I'll never go through this again. It was a terrifying experience that had me upset for a month and it didn't need to happen. You got lucky your dog wasn't hurt this time, What about the next time?I would have the authorities talk to the owner and get some pepper spray.
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I've had similar things happen a couple of times and is scary. I didn't do this at first, but I've learnt to step out in front and take the dog down, usually by kicking it. It is sad and frustrating though. You did the right thing by calling AC, they still should be able to investigate.

I hope Chevy is okay - the only advice I can offer for your next walks is to go out as calm and confident as ever, so he picks up on that.
If I lived in town and not out in the middle of no where, when I was walking I would have a nice stout walking stick. I saw some at Fleet-Farm the other day.
Ozzy and I were attacked on a walk by 2 Golden Retreivers last fall. While there was no physical damage, soon after that he began to bark and lunge at other dogs on our walks (something he never did previously). So that would be something to look out for.

Also, Ozzy now refuses to walk on the street where we were attacked.
I'm sorry this happened. It does sound like an accident and as long as your dog is ok, there is no need to get ACO involved. It sounds like the owner handled it responsibly.

I've had this happen so many times I couldn't even begin to count. Only once was a dog of mine bitten and that's when my roommate was walking her. A young female german shepherd came barreling out of her driveway and knocked my dog down and bit her and put a nice puncture wound in her leg. I think the whole thing was more traumatic for my roommate (and me, later) than for my dog, thankfully.

Each incident was always so scary though, it seemed like I was shaking for a long time afterwards.

Since then I've developed my alpha demon who scares away loose dogs who charge us.
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I'm also sorry this happened. How scary this must have been for you AND Chevy. I'm glad that no one was harmed physically. I would go walk in that exact same area as soon as you can and do whatever you can not to tighten up on the lead, or be nervous/scared so it doesn't transmit to Chevy. He's young enough and should be able to move past it..... {what Jarn said!}

Besides, he's got a game to get ready for tonite right??? Get that jersey on him!!!!

That just plain sucks!!
I agree with Lu take him back on the same walk don't tense up cause Chevy will know. I would carry a stick or something to defent both of you.
I was at the park a few weeks ago and some stupid woman had her lab with her (very aggresive dog) she had NO control of her and the lab rushed Brady. Brady thought it was going to play (cause we have a lab at home) until the growling started. Luckily the owner pulled the lab back. I was afraid for the lab Brady is a big boy and I am sure would do some damage but I didn't have to witness it.
Good for you calling AC. Stupid and ignorant people should NOT own animals
Quote:So the owner walks over and tells me he's sorry and someone must have left the door open and asked if Chevy was ok. I was still in shock and just said he was fine.
With the thought that accidents do happen......... and appreciating that the owner apologized and seemed concerned........ I personally would let it go at this point. Just another part of being out and about in the world with the 'crap happens' mindset I have.

Though it WAS scary and your dog was terrified, a real dog attack would have sent someone to the vet/hospital. So it sounds a bit more like TOTALLY inappropriate behavior from the other dog. Dogs that aren't socialized and trained don't have manners or know how to behave with other dogs, and what you saw isn't uncommon.

Now, if this happens again with the same dog, then I would look at it in a different way.
I'm sorry this happened to your puppy. Poor little guy.

Used to happen to Morgan at least once a week until she was fully grown. It was so bad, I stopped walking her without my older male. Still, with the big brother involved, other dogs tried to beat up on her. Luther used to play each one teach one and flip the offender on his back and hold him by the throat while making horrible 'I COULD MESS YOU UP' noises
When my Dobie was a pup the Australian Shepherd from across the street (who was not a very nice dog) came over and attacked her. I filed a police report and a report with animal control. That dog was never on a lead and they would usually bring it in whenever another dog came by. If I was inside and saw they were out with it I would make a point to go outside just so that they had to be inconvenienced. (petty, I know, but they made me so mad leaving a dog that they knew was not friendly off lead all the time).

One day, about a year later, we were in our garage and that dog snuck up and came into our garage. By this time my Dobie outweighed and outstood that dog by quite a bit. That dog came at my Doberman again and I swear my Doberman remembered it. She went at the dog and just held it down on the ground. She did not hurt it, break the skin or even seem to attempt to attack it. Just held it there.

By the time I got to them to get my Doberman off of it, the owners were there and they were yelling and screaming at me to get my "vicious dog" off of theirs. They called animal control and reported me. When the police showed up to file a complaint, they remembered the situation from the previous summer. They also said that since that dog came into my garage (basically my home) to come at my dog, there was not a lot those owners could do.

I usually have pepper spray with me everywhere I go anyway, but I would not hesitate using it if someones dog went at Mandi.
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Originally Posted By: Mandalay

I usually have pepper spray with me everywhere I go anyway, but I would not hesitate using it if someones dog went at Mandi.
That's the best advice.
I agree with Maggie; accidents do happen. Like she mentioned I would let it go, but if possible meet the owner of the dog that attacked yours. Once Chevy grows a bit, they could become playmates.

I mention the last, because I take in rescues and have two GSD's.
Aggressive toward the newbie at first, absolutely. But if settles, and they get along fine after a few days.

I would not have called animal control. If the owner was not apologizing, a different situation. But first meet the owner, without Chevy.
Thanks everyone

Animal Control did call me back this afternoon. I explained to the officer what all had happened. She looked up the address and told me both the dogs that live there are registered with the city and are up to date on their rabies vaccinations which is really good to know. I am glad that they are able to tell this information. The officer told me that she hasn't had any issues with that particular house before but they would be making a stop by there tomorrow morning just to check out everything and to talk with the owners.

I do realize that accidents do happen and dogs do get out but it was scary none-the-less, especially since nothing like this has ever happened to me or any of the dogs I have owned. Just because she didn't send someone to a vet or hospital, doesn't mean it wasn't an attack.

The officer also told me to watch Chevy later tonight and tomorrow to see if he is acting any differently, that just because I can't see an injury, doesn't mean there isn't one (such as a bruise or small puncture that would be hard to find). If so, to take him to the vet to get checked out and then follow up with them (AC) again. I think I'll give him yet another look-over tonight.

She highly recommended carrying pepper-spray because there are sooo many dogs in our neighborhood and there are many of them that do get out of their yards. We've had a couple other encounters with dogs while walking Chevy but none ever came ready to attack, usually just dog sniffing each other and we continue walking. And I'm the kind of person who, when I see a stray dog or one that has gotten out of the yard, I'll try to get it back home if I know where it's from, or if theres an address on the tags. Otherwise, I do call AC to report it.

Anyways, I won't be walking that route until I get a can of pepper spray this weekend, then I'll start going that way again. We'll just go in the opposite direction for the next couple days

Originally Posted By: luanneBesides, he's got a game to get ready for tonite right??? Get that jersey on him!!!!
YES!! Counting down the minutes til game time

<span style="color: #CC0000">GO WINGS! </span>
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Yes, it has happened lots and lots and lots of time. I'd be pleased that the owner was so responsible and appologized to me. (Sometimes that happens but most often it doesn't.) I always gave the people two chances before I called A/C.
Quote:I do realize that accidents do happen and dogs do get out but it was scary none-the-less, especially since nothing like this has ever happened to me or any of the dogs I have owned. Just because she didn't send someone to a vet or hospital, doesn't mean it wasn't an attack.
I do not want to minimize this or say I wouldn't have also been concerned with my dog. And the first time my dog was ever attacked like this I was very shaken up.

Problem it's now 15 years later, I'm on my 3rd dog, am around dogs all the time and can put it into a better perspective. A real dog fight can be just as quick and the blood is dripping everywhere. I've had a friends GSD lose part of it's ear, and a few other bloody fights.

But I've seen WAY WAY more bouts like your's seems to be. Totally inappropriate and 'rude' behavior from one dog on another. Frequently with nothing the dog owners can do at the time. Surprisingly, I've also been amazed how when my extremely well socialized dogs have a chance to see a dog like this coming (you did not I know) they are frequently able to avoid the incident entirely by tossing out all the 'calming signals' they know, which distracts the other dog completely.

If you want to purchase a great DVD so you can start recognizing how our dogs CAN learn to deal with these situation and prevent them. And how we can help with this by proper and vital socialization so they can learn............ It's called Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas.
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Yeah, Lisa (my sister) was running up front of me with Dubya leashed, and I was walking behind with Arwen, and I saw the poodle shoot off the porch and right into the middle of Lisa and Dubya.

My sister has not owned a dog, nor does she know what to do with Dubya who is somewhat dog-aggressive.

The poodle got there, they got the poodle, no one but me was shook up. And as I do not count, no harm no foul. They appologized. That was enough. No reason to call the ellusive dog warden.
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